How to Get out of Prison

How To Get Out of Prison

This video is about change.
It’s about ACTION.
It’s about getting out of the frustrating prison that keeps us locked in behaviors we should have let go of a long time ago. AND its about the secret power of the the 72 days of Chesed that started this week.
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Are Smartphones Right or Wrong

How on earth do we figure out what G-d wants?


HI Everyone,
This week’s video has lots of questions. How do we figure out what is really right and wrong for us if we have bias and self interest in every topic that we touch? Should we ask other people? Should be practice abstinence? Is there any way to get clarity on the murky topics ( like internet and phone use) and if yes, what is it?
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Love, Rivka Malka
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When’s the Last Time You Sacrificed?

Parsha With Passion

HI Everyone! So I made this video for Torah Anytime and it was all about Sacrifice. I spoke about how great it is, how much we sacrifice already and how we should celebrate it.

When I was done, I uploaded it and lo and behold as it flashed on my screen I saw that my neckline was wider than I had thought.

[ Note – if you’re not familiar with the laws of modesty, this may make nor sense or sound extreme. But our belief is that the Torah is a recipe for success and you don’t want to mess up a recipe! So we follow the guidelines even to the inch and this is our expression of G-d knows what is good for us. )

What to do? Well, there was no choice really, I couldn’t be talking Torah and not living it. So I emailed them and asked them to take down the video ( they will try and get it up via audio before Shabbos).

Oy vey! All The TA people wondering where my video is, the looking flaky and inconsistent, the wasted time in preparing and videoing…

Then, when I spoke to my friend Rivki today and told her how I mentioned her in the video but I couldn’t post it she said “Wo, do you realize, you just sacrificed! THAT’s the message!”

Indeed:) 🙂

Sacrifice is hard but it feels pretty good! Plus my daughter showed me her trick of pinning her neckline. She made me aware that its time for me to up the ante in tznius.

And I just got an idea – I can post here – on my ladies blog ( please don’t share it though) it will go right into your inbox  and have it hosted privately on Youtube so it won’t be on my channel.

So here it is – Have a great Shabbos and enjoy all the sacrifices you make. You are a champion!

My First Time Writing About My Son

mortzy  and bezalel

So this blog post has taken weeks to write. My son, Mortzy (17) would call me every couple of days “Ma, did you write on your blog?”
“No honey, I didn’t”
“Ma, can you please write something? My race is in two weeks.”
“Yes, Mortz, I will.”
“Mom, did you write it yet?”
“No Mortz but don’t worry, I really am going to do it. Really.”

If there’s one thing I know about Mortz it’s that he’s independent. He’s one of those kids who hates to ask for things. He likes to work hard and figure things out on his own and he doesn’t like to feel indebted. I know this about him, so why would I make him ask me so many times?

Here I am, one week before my son’s race, sitting down to write and

When The Pain Never Ends

[ 2 videos]

long journey

Hi Everyone,
I hope you had a great week. Last week I forgot to post
Sometimes in life you get hit with one thing after another. You are waiting for a job, your soulmate, a child to come home, your health to improve, a relationship to heal and it feels like you can’t wait one more day. Your heart is bursting with pain. This video is for those times. What do you do in those moments when you feel like you can’t hold on?
And often it’s more than one thing. When things are tough it’s a barrage of troubles all at once. My friend calls it a Rumble Strip. You know how when you drive on the highway and you start to space out your care suddenly starts shaking as it drives over the rumble strips on the side of the road there to let sleepy drivers know they are getting off course.
When troubles mount, don’t despair. Your life is not falling apart. Your life is beginning a new chapter. The shaky, bumpy rumble strip will bring you back to your journey only this time with more clarity and wisdom for the trip ahead.
Enjoy this video, made with my full heart and soul and know that you are not alone. ( Click Read More to see videos)

How To Make Pesto, Olive Dip, Date Truffles and Potato Kugel in One Shot

Hang out with me and Hudy Abrams while we whip up a storm!!

Hudy in Israel

Hi Everyone! Happy  Erev Shabbos,

This week I have a treat for you. Drumroll….!!!! Its HUDY ABRAMS!!!!

And it’s a food processor cook – a – thon!

Hudy and I met online ( you’ll find out how in the video) and this is our second time meeting in person.

What I love about Hudy is her depth and clarity and integrity. She reminds me of clean clear water, refreshing and nourishing. She’s also super cool being a Jewish leader and teacher out in Dallas, Texas.

The best thing about cooking with her was the company. Don’t you sometimes wish for the old days when housewives would share daily chores. I could do without the chores part, but the sharing I love!

Today we pulled out the food processor and made a whole bunch of things that round out the Shabbos meal. Last week we did the basics ( fish, soup etc) This week we’re going for dips and sides.

Thanks for hanging out with us. This is not a cooking show – our olive dip came out pretty bad ( don’t worry we’ll fix it!)  but who cares? This is  a “lets get ready for Shabbos together because this is real life and we love it – show!

PS Don’t forget to look at the links that I posted above the video in the post – you’ll love those resources.

PPS. In case you missed it, here’s this week’s Parsha talk about “How to Get Rid of Defensiveness in Your Marriage.”

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