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  • Neshama’s Prayer To Go to School

    Neshama’s Prayer To Go to School

          It’s only the middle of the year but it’s time to update you on our dear daughter Neshama. Neshma is 9 and old readers know from last year’s drama both with her burn (a pot of boiling french fry oil spilled on her chest.) with her struggles in school. Thank G-d she is doing amazing. Happy, reading, discovering. We found out that she needs glasses are looking into Irlen lenses for her. She is working hard and […]

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  • 2 Types of Music

    2 Types of Music

      There are two types of music. Those that awaken your body and those that awaken your soul. Lazer Brody’s Cd Calming Waters is definitely the second type. From the title you may think its simple spa music or soothing sounds, but don’t let that fool you. Calming Waters is a collection of prayers that take you to places of euphoria and yearning. I bought his Cd man years ago when he came to Baltimore to give a talk. I […]

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  • Like Mother, Like Daughter

    Like Mother, Like Daughter

    One thing about being a mother that never ceases to amaze me is how our kids are always watching us. Always. Their antenna is always on and picking up signals from us. Forget Mommy, I’m thinking it would be more helpful is they just called me RM. No, not Rivka Malka, that’s RM for Role Model! At least that way I could remember my job here! This point was driven home to me just the other day. Since we rebooted […]

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  • Getting My Home Organized – the Tour!

    Getting My Home Organized – the Tour!

    Woo Hoo! There’s nothing like the smell of clean! Okay, not every single part of my house is spotless, but who needs spotless:) What I”m going for here is a reboot – a complete reset of our family’s values and habits around mess. I tend to do things all or nothing – so I’ll say this as a disclaimer- even a partial reboot would be awesome. In this video I share about what it all means to me plus some […]

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  • What it Feels Like to Paint the House.

    What it Feels Like to Paint the House.

        As we sat around the Shabbos table this Friday night it was like sitting in a new home. A wave of gratitude washed over me. The walls were freshly painted and all the corners of clutter cleared out. It’s actually been months now that we’ve been doing this painting. We thought it would take much shorter but instead it turned out to be a major life stage in itself. Our painter ( more on him in  my next post) […]

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  • Why We Watch the Superbowl

    Why We Watch the Superbowl

          So, I’ll be honest , I’m not a  fan of the Superbowl. (Don’t throw tomatoes at me!)  But every year, the Perlman clan has the most over the top Superbowl party in the neighborhood. We started around 4 years ago. Our boys were in middle school and suddenly football was a big deal. In general we don’t watch TV but the mythic proportions of Superbowl Sunday just couldn’t escape them. So we decided to make something wonderful […]

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  • Letting Go

    Letting Go

    Today a friend shared with me some  wisdom borrowed from a Buddhist teaching. The topic was letting go, and it really stuck me deep in my core. As I listened to the simple words they resonated and vibrated deep within me and I recognized a power that I never knew that I had. The power to let go. Going through a transitional time myself it’s particularly poignant, but truly it’s relevant to all of us at all times: Here goes: He tells […]

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  • Good Bye Wrapunzel

    Good Bye Wrapunzel

        Last night was Good Bye Wrapunzel night. Its a huge change but we are sure that  this will be the beginning of something incredible I can’t explain it in more profound terms, we just KNOW that despite the loss, everything is going to be amazing. In preparation for this new stage we’ve been fixing up our house. All those places (like our torn couches) that we had ignored while we were breathlessly busy were suddenly staring up at […]

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  • Singing From The Heart

    Singing From The Heart

      [In this pic is Batya and our next daughter Hadassa.] My daughter Batya is a composer. She’s been writing songs since she’s 12. Her first one was a surprise to us, then the second and the third. Soon it became apparent that there was a huge amount of music in this child. She stated with piano and moved on to the harp and now the guitar. As the years went by (she’s 18 now) her vision crystallized and she […]

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  • My 20’s 30’s and 40’s

    My 20’s 30’s and 40’s

        Well, I have to admit – the title of this post is a bit misleading. I’m actually not in my 40’s yet. But I’m almost there… very close. The other day, my husband and I  were reflecting on life with my sister in law Tamar. She asked us where we’re at, and I began musing;” We’re like in our 40’s. You know,  In your 20’s you’re figuring out ‘who am I?’ In your 30’s, its all about ‘what am […]

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