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  • The Third Alternative

    The Third Alternative

        The  Third Alternative is an alternate universe that is waiting for us to visit her. It’s a place of arriving, a place of surrendering control and being open, not only to possibilities, but to the possibility that there are so many possibilities you haven’t even begun to fathom. They say, “You teach what you need to learn.” The first half of this year I was learning about boundaries. I had made so many mistakes over the years that […]

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  • Happiness


    I’m laying low during these important days before Rosh Hashanah. You won’t see to many blog posts from me.  But I do invite you to share with me some of the inspiration that I’ve been getting as I clean my house and mentally prepare. Here’s another incredible talk by my brother, Benzion Klatzko. His analysis of happiness turns into compelling inspiration to living with a higher truth. You’ll find yourself nodding your head in so many places on this video. (its a full […]

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  • Cheshbon Hanefesh

    Cheshbon Hanefesh

    How much of what we do is tied up in what we’ve done? how much of who we are is a mad, mad push to maintain                 the “I”,  I said I am And who am I? Can I be so narrow – frozen like the ice blocks that built the igloo? Can I be so sure that this little world of sureity I’ve created is so sure, so secure – that important? “We were born to learn” said my friend […]

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  • Elul – Shake Out Your Pants

    Elul – Shake Out Your Pants

      I was 16, working in a sleep away camp in England when I began to collect. I had gotten a horrible call from my sister that a friend of mine’s parents just split up. It turned out that her father was physically abusive and controlling and that her mother finally left him.  She told me that they needed money. With the chutzpah of a teenager, I made my rounds asking people for money. Being in the countryside meant that no one carried too much […]

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  • Tipping the Scales

    Tipping the Scales

    How much would you pay for one last piece of evidence to be submitted to your trial, that confirms your innocence? Did you ever think about how each action you take is evidence for or against your character?

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  • Elul Day 12 – Imperfect is the New Perfect

    Elul Day 12 – Imperfect is the New Perfect

    It’s only because you’re my good friends that I can put up a post that is just … a post. Once a while ago I went to  a birthday party and the woman who’s birthday it was gave me a blessing; “May you be able to bring together your ruchinius and your gashmius.” Meaning your spirituality and your physicality. On a person’s birthday their energy is particularly strong and so I thought to myself, “this must be a tailor made […]

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  • Elul Day 11 How to Get Written in The Book of Life

    Elul Day 11 How to Get Written in The Book of Life

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  • Elul! Episode 10 – Back to School

    Elul! Episode 10 – Back to School

      School is almost here. And we wonder sometimes, “How can we do it all?” How can we prepare for the High Holidays, buy all the school supplies, get the kid’s school clothes organized and be spiritually ready for Rosh Hashana. It seems so daunting. I know, I’m running around, making lists and doing errands and generally feeling like there are more things to do then fit in the day. Even if you’re not in school; autumn is coming and the spirit  of transition […]

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  • Get 20% More Popular in 15 Minutes!

    Get 20% More Popular in 15 Minutes!

    You’re going to have to trust me on this. Go get some flour, some oil, eggs and sugar. Got it? Okay, now this is going to be way easier than you ever thought. Want to make someone really happy? Follow these instructions. Want your kids to think you’re the greatest – just do as I say. Guys – this is for you too! Want to make that girl you have your eye on sit up and take notice – its easy! […]

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  • It’s Erev Shabbos!

    It’s Erev Shabbos!

    It’s Friday, also known as Erev Shabbos. The whole day is spent preparing for the Shabbos Queen, for the Shabbos Rest. LeeAnn, a reader, asked me about Shabbos prep today . How do we do it? Don’t the salads wilt? What’s the system? Like everything else, how you prepare for Shabbos largely depends on your personality and life circumstance. Back in the day, when I was first married, I had no clue how to cook, barely a clue how to shop but I did know […]

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