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  • The D Word

    The D Word

    Discipline. Ouch. Spending time with my father last week,  I started to notice just how much discipline had a place in our family culture growing up. I hated it. No, I loved it. No, I hated it. Ok fine. Then I hated it, now I love it. Buckle your seatbelts. You’re about to hear what happened when we didn’t hang up our coats in the wintertime. (9 coats make a big mess!) We didn’t get  a spanking and we didn’t get a warning. […]

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  • What My Kids Taught Me Just By Being Kids!

    What My Kids Taught Me Just By Being Kids!

    The irony was too amazing. I laughed halfway to the park! I kept them waiting in the car to take a video while talking about putting them first. I can’t stop thinking about this…. Do our kids KNOW they’re first? What do my actions tell them?  

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  • Video:Love – Up Close

    Video:Love – Up Close

    What stood out for me most,in this magnificent video was the images of Mae Toi playing with her children, being with her children. It literally didn’t matter what she was doing, even swatting one of the kids hands away. She was with them. They saw her love. When I got married, I was really young. And I was sure that I would do everything right, be the perfect parent. One thing I was really into was playing next to my children. I […]

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