How to Dress Modest Bohemian

Rivka Malka Modest Bohemian

I finally did it! I made you a video answering all the questions you’ve asked about how to dress Modest Bohemian. It’s totally stuffed with every bit of info I could think of from dresses to skirts, to jewelry and make-up. Plus some really good resources!!! I think this may turn out to be the my most popular video ever.

How to Have Good Boundaries


There are some things you don’t know unless you learn them the hard way. This is one of them. When you don’t have good boundaries everything falls apart. Starting with you. Watch this video to see what I’ve learned about relationships and how to keep them healthy.

Dear Diary,

  Dear Diary, Dearest Blog Friends, Universe and Me, It’s been a long time (again!) since I’ve written and we have SO much to catch up on! I’m posting pictures here of the last few months! This past summer, you remember, was the summer of humbling heartache. My kids were […]

Video: How to Make your Tichel go From Good to Great!


You know, I always say about tichel tying, its just variations on a theme. All the different styles are really very similar. So what makes a tichel look awesome on some people and just pretty on others?  3 elements 1. Understanding your face shape. A woman with an angular face will need something different in […]