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  • Video – Insane! Part 2 “Holy Feminine Energy”

    Video – Insane! Part 2 “Holy Feminine Energy”

    Can wearing a tichel improve your relationship? Jessie shares her experience with covering her hair.

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  • The Secret

    The Secret

    I am one happy girl. Inspired by my brother in law, Sony, who has been living in The Secret for the past three months, I am officially ready for a super amazing, incredible life! Sony has always been awesome, talented, compassionate and slightly nuts. But now, he’s all that plus he’s HAPPY. I mean happy in a relaxed, feel good good way. Happy in a way that gives him energy, vitality and a shine in his eyes.  He also lost […]

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  • Video: How to Make your Tichel go From Good to Great!

    Video: How to Make your Tichel go From Good to Great!

    You know, I always say about tichel tying, its just variations on a theme. All the different styles are really very similar. So what makes a tichel look awesome on some people and just pretty on others?  3 elements 1. Understanding your face shape. A woman with an angular face will need something different in terms of height or bulk, then a woman with a rounded face. I must say, I don’t have this down to a science. When I’m with someone, I look at […]

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  • The D Word

    The D Word

    Discipline. Ouch. Spending time with my father last week,  I started to notice just how much discipline had a place in our family culture growing up. I hated it. No, I loved it. No, I hated it. Ok fine. Then I hated it, now I love it. Buckle your seatbelts. You’re about to hear what happened when we didn’t hang up our coats in the wintertime. (9 coats make a big mess!) We didn’t get  a spanking and we didn’t get a warning. […]

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  • Dear Sara Miriam, To answer your question……

    Dear Sara Miriam, To answer your question……

    hi aunty rivka malka! i figured doing the interveiw by email will be easier for me and you. Here are the ques. how did you grow in tznuis? (modesty) what influnced your growth? what were your challenges in tznuis? what helped you overcome these obstacles and difficulties? thank you soo much love you HI Sara Miriam, Thanks for your questions. I’ll try my best to answer them! How did I grow in tznius? My growth in tznius has really been in […]

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  • Loneliness Part 2: (Settle in for a long read)

    Loneliness Part 2: (Settle in for a long read)

      After writing “Loneliness,” the comments that I got made me realize that I hadn’t done the topic justice. Now, a few days later, and with your feedback, a few things are apparent to me. I originally wrote about loneliness for a simple reason: it needed to be said. If we’re going to grow, there’s no topic that we can shy away from. Talking about it, is the beginning of the healing. Here, I’m writing less about our existential alone-ness […]

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  • Video – The Girl Effect

    Video – The Girl Effect

         It all begins with a girl.  A girl helps her mother fold napkins. Her mother observes – “you have a knack for this!” The girl folds more napkins with a little spring in her step. The mother observes “your napkins look exceptional.” The girl volunteers to help set up for a bris – folding napkins. The girl gets called by the next bris to volunteer The girl makes a new set of friends as she starts volunteering with […]

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  • Validation


      Here’s a dose of something we all need from time to time. Validation. Has this ever happened to you? Someone takes a photo of you and when you look at it you recoil as you notice your messy house in the background? That happens to me all the time. Or how about this. You go to sleep with a sinkful of dishes and a plan to wash them in the morning. Morning comes and goes and it’s 2:00 before […]

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  • Video – Your Inner Princess Glows – a Talk with Shoshana Liebman

    Video – Your Inner Princess Glows – a Talk with Shoshana Liebman

    To enjoy this video, you really have to turn the lights down and quiet your thoughts. It’s almost spoken in whispers. And the secrets come from a woman who has lived a thousand lifetimes in one. Her heart gives love from a pure, unconditional source.  Stick around for the whole conversation – you’ll be glad you did.    

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