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        Today is my Grandma’s Yartzhiet ( anniversary of her death). In my earliest memories of Grandma, she already had early stage Alzheimers.  I loved her so much and still, I wonder about all the things I’ll never know. There is history and stories that would bring more of her to light, but  today, even though it’s barely a light sketch of the woman she was, I want to tell you my stories. The Grandma I was blessed to know. […]

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  • In Which I Quit My Job and Get a New One All At Once

    In Which I Quit My Job and Get a New One All At Once

        So you saw the video. So what more can I add. Life is an amazing roller coaster. One day I’m in Israel praying under the stars for clarity, the next week I’m in Baltimore wincing my eyes from the flash of light I receive.       To be honest, I’m still in shock. I feel like the guy who retires at 70 and can’t remember all the things he used to love. There’s a whole range of […]

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  • Touch – and It’s Magic

    Touch – and It’s Magic

        This post is about an extraordinary night. If this happened all the time I wouldn’t be writing about it. Like you, I’m generally in 6 places at once with barely enough time for basic life tasks. Please don’t get the wrong idea – I’m not mom of the year – I’m just really grateful. There are no pictures in this post. No pictures because what I’m sharing is such a sacred private moment with my children that I […]

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  • Shabbos In The ER

    Shabbos In The ER

      And just when I was talking about things settling down… I spend Shabbos in the ER!   Everything is ok now, but my mind is just spinning with images and experiences of the last day. I  went in with my daughter  Thursday night and thought we’d be out earlier, but things were taking so long that as time marched on we knew we would be there for Shabbos. Once that reality set in, it was time to do what […]

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  • My Child Saw Porn Pt 2 – The Practical

    My Child Saw Porn Pt 2 – The Practical

    Did I mention yet how much I cringed when I titled this post and the last. Using that P word is so ugly – it’s a word that’s dripping with vulgarism and yet its the accurate word to describe what went on. [Click here for the post about it] Awful as it was, I’m glad I wrote it. I’m glad I grew up without taboos -  Judaism and life are just layers of one fabric and we approach both simultaneously with G-d’s will as […]

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  • My Child Saw Porn

    My Child Saw Porn

    READ THIS POST BEFORE YOU PRESS PLAY> The kid had an Ipod – a seemingly innocuous device – until you realize just how curious kids are. It’s just an Ipod – a little music maker – like dynamite is just a candle shaped stick. Anger  and feelings of despair overwhelmed me when I found out that my child along with their friends looked up a nauseating internet video. How crazy is it to write about this? I figure if this […]

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  • Mudfight!


      We arrived at Patabsco River at 2:30 in the afternoon. The kids had been itching to go after being home all morning while I was out. In under two minutes, the kids were in their bathing suits and swimming happily. I stood at the edge of the river, my eyes darting back and forth keeping track of the kids. I’d purposely left my phone in the car so that I would be really present. But  though the water tickled […]

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  • Catching Up!

    Catching Up!

      I haven’t posted in so long and I have so much to catch you up on. It’s amazing how much life goes on in three  weeks. There was so much I was going to write about that’s just flown by! Like,the three little kittens were born on our porch this week. And how my daughter has been saying that our cat is pregnant for 2 months and I thought it was just fantasy! And about this book I read (part […]

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  • Ravital


    Over Shavuos we had the incredibly humbling expereince of hosting 4 girls and their teacher from a school called Shalsheles. In my next post I’ll tell you more about them. Here, I let Ravital do all the talking… .

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  • My Children Have a Mother!

    My Children Have a Mother!

        Dear Friends, The other day, I posted a  cry for help. Help! I lost myself! I lost the person I want to be! I lost my dancing feet. Having Dancing feet is when you’re right where you need to be in life and all your movements are gracefully in that direction. Tripping feet, on the other hand… tripping feet are when you want one thing but think that you have to say yes to six others.  When you have […]

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