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  • Like Mother, Like Daughter

    Like Mother, Like Daughter

    One thing about being a mother that never ceases to amaze me is how our kids are always watching us. Always. Their antenna is always on and picking up signals from us. Forget Mommy, I’m thinking it would be more helpful is they just called me RM. No, not Rivka Malka, that’s RM for Role Model! At least that way I could remember my job here! This point was driven home to me just the other day. Since we rebooted […]

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  • Airing My Dirty Laundry

    Airing My Dirty Laundry

      In this shocking video I expose the mess that I don’t want to face. My boys sleep three to a room and now their room has just gotten worse and worse. Oy! In the old days I would putter around their room every night and straighten up while I was putting them to sleep. That was before I had a job. I remember how when I walked into other people’s homes and saw the mess in their kids rooms,I […]

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  • Getting My Home Organized – the Tour!

    Getting My Home Organized – the Tour!

    Woo Hoo! There’s nothing like the smell of clean! Okay, not every single part of my house is spotless, but who needs spotless:) What I”m going for here is a reboot – a complete reset of our family’s values and habits around mess. I tend to do things all or nothing – so I’ll say this as a disclaimer- even a partial reboot would be awesome. In this video I share about what it all means to me plus some […]

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  • What it Feels Like to Paint the House.

    What it Feels Like to Paint the House.

        As we sat around the Shabbos table this Friday night it was like sitting in a new home. A wave of gratitude washed over me. The walls were freshly painted and all the corners of clutter cleared out. It’s actually been months now that we’ve been doing this painting. We thought it would take much shorter but instead it turned out to be a major life stage in itself. Our painter ( more on him in  my next post) […]

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  • Why We Watch the Superbowl

    Why We Watch the Superbowl

          So, I’ll be honest , I’m not a  fan of the Superbowl. (Don’t throw tomatoes at me!)  But every year, the Perlman clan has the most over the top Superbowl party in the neighborhood. We started around 4 years ago. Our boys were in middle school and suddenly football was a big deal. In general we don’t watch TV but the mythic proportions of Superbowl Sunday just couldn’t escape them. So we decided to make something wonderful […]

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  • Singing From The Heart

    Singing From The Heart

      [In this pic is Batya and our next daughter Hadassa.] My daughter Batya is a composer. She’s been writing songs since she’s 12. Her first one was a surprise to us, then the second and the third. Soon it became apparent that there was a huge amount of music in this child. She stated with piano and moved on to the harp and now the guitar. As the years went by (she’s 18 now) her vision crystallized and she […]

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  • Gold and Sequins and Rustic Rainbows

    Gold and Sequins and Rustic Rainbows

      (Pictured here, Mommy in the orange shawl with 2 friends in Jerusalem)   I can’t just write about Mommy P, The P is for Perlman She gave me my name. I can’t just tell stories that will make your eyes shine and your heart soar She wouldn’t like that. Mommy likes the hidden world and the hidden words the unspoken messages of holiness and empathy and permission to be wrapped up in the olive dip and cashew spread offered […]

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  • Thank You!!!

    Thank You!!!

        As you can imagine these past few days have been a dream. We are in a whirlwind of emotions and we keep replaying the entire scenario in our minds and in conversations again and again. Not only are we grateful but being in this position and hearing from so many other parents in making us think about what we can do to mitigate the burden on others. G-d willing we hope to pay it forward. We have only […]

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  • I Need To Ask for Help

    I Need To Ask for Help

    When Neshama, our eight year old was in first grade she couldn’t read.Teachers met with her privately and she got as much extra help as we could offer her. She still couldn’t read. The year came and went and soon it was time for second grade. But Neshama couldn’t go. It was so difficult telling her that she would be held back. An unusually mature child, she understood right away. The entire year whenever anyone would ask her “What grade […]

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  • A Poisonous Tattoo

    A Poisonous Tattoo

      Hey Everyone, this post is long overdue. It’s about a freaky incident that happened a few months back. The first month or two we were frantically trying to deal with it. By the time I was ready to post, Neshama got burned and the feedback from that post was overwhelming. I didn’t want this vital info to get lost in the hustle so I waited a bit. Here goes-As you know a few months back Wrapunzel went to the […]

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