Building Intimacy in Your Marriage

In this podcast we get deep into the things that are important to a woman. We explore the most important places to bring intimacy and incredible connection in our marriage.
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More Thoughts on Authenticity

Photot Credits : Hadassa Perlman

In-authenticity is a place where we don’t invite G-d. Instead we invite  fear of disappointing people and fear of change. I’ve been thinking about all the damage being inauthentic does – and the lives that a end up destroyed because of it. And the more I experience being authentic, the more I know this is true. Read here, and see if you can find yourself in this writing.

The Day of the Freddy Gray Riots

Rivka Malka

Here in Baltimore we are living under the the ghost of Freddy Gray. The riots came right into our neighborhood, though thank G-d not with the same force as the riots downtown. The streets were quiet. I rushed out to get milk this morning and the store I went to… Read more »

What Happened to the Clothing Store?

Rivka Malka

So here’s where I condense 4 months of life, a major identity shift, a career change and a new found freedom all in one. In going through this process of uncovering whats true for me, I’ve learned something profound. There is no rescuing, there is no being someone you’re not…. Read more »

Neshama’s Prayer To Go to School

Rivka Malka

      It’s only the middle of the year but it’s time to update you on our dear daughter Neshama. Neshma is 9 and old readers know from last year’s drama both with her burn (a pot of boiling french fry oil spilled on her chest.) with her struggles… Read more »

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Rivka Malka

One thing about being a mother that never ceases to amaze me is how our kids are always watching us. Always. Their antenna is always on and picking up signals from us. Forget Mommy, I’m thinking it would be more helpful is they just called me RM. No, not Rivka… Read more »

Why We Watch the Superbowl

rivka malka

So, I’ll be honest , I’m not a  fan of the Superbowl. (Don’t throw tomatoes at me!)  But every year, the Perlman clan has the most over the top Superbowl party in the neighborhood. We started around 4 years ago. Our boys were in middle school and suddenly football was… Read more »