The Secret to My Success Part 2

Rivka Malka

Here’s my intensely personal story. I offer it to you open handed. Take the keys to my heart and walk around. If there’s something here for you – I’m happy. My life is changed and so can yours be.I never thought forgiveness was possible. It was an elusive dream. Here, I’ll tell you how I found it.


The Secret of My Success Part 1

Rivka Malka

I really need to tell you something. I can’t keep this secret to success myself. Here’s the thing, there are so many parts to life, how can ONE thing be the secret? Think of it like rain – I plowed the earth and I planted the seeds but it takes rain to make things grow. This podacast is about that rain.


How to Get Through Life

An excerpt from a yet unborn book

In our family, we only name a baby after we meet it. That’s when we know who they are. We look at them and they tell us. I’ve been writing a book on and off but the hardest part is the first chapter. That first chapter is so weighty. It… Read more »

Why I Love the Succulent Skills of Life Coaching

What got me into it, what I get out of it and what you can do with it.


Life Coaching is taking off. You know how therapy became the norm at some point? Where people realized that its a sign of good health to get the help that you need? Coaching is becoming like that too. People are realizing that they have only one life and they want to get the most out of it.

We want to be excellent. We want to be unblocked. We want to change. No one wants to a tombstone saying “She lived a mediocre live. In this video”

Building Intimacy in Your Marriage

In this podcast we get deep into the things that are important to a woman. We explore the most important places to bring intimacy and incredible connection in our marriage.
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More Thoughts on Authenticity

Photot Credits : Hadassa Perlman

In-authenticity is a place where we don’t invite G-d. Instead we invite  fear of disappointing people and fear of change. I’ve been thinking about all the damage being inauthentic does – and the lives that a end up destroyed because of it. And the more I experience being authentic, the more I know this is true. Read here, and see if you can find yourself in this writing.

The Day of the Freddy Gray Riots

Rivka Malka

Here in Baltimore we are living under the the ghost of Freddy Gray. The riots came right into our neighborhood, though thank G-d not with the same force as the riots downtown. The streets were quiet. I rushed out to get milk this morning and the store I went to… Read more »