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  • It’s Shabbos Tonight!

    It’s Shabbos Tonight!

      Today is Friday. Around here we like to call it Erev Shabbos, the Eve of Shabbos. The magic of Shabbos is as deep as the ocean and as simple as a bumper sticker. You know that one  the one that says “We are not physical beings have a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.” That one. We know it –  but it’s so hard to access. Our whole week is full of physical pursuits. Enter […]

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  • What if I Don’t Believe in G-d?

    What if I Don’t Believe in G-d?

    I got to make this video with Ruthie Guggenheim. She is a no nonsense hero who has been chugging away sometimes single handedly at Jewish Education for decades. What an honor. Even though we’re sitting Talk Show style there’ s one thing different than a Talk Show. Well, actually there’s a lot – no band, no commercials  and no audience (but you!) The main thing that’s different though is that its completely unscripted. We were just both thinking of Amy […]

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  • Does Judaism Accept Converts? 2/2

    Does Judaism Accept Converts? 2/2

    I said so much in this video I hate to add anything more! Please feel free to ask questions or post comments:)

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  • Does Judaism Accept Converts?

    Does Judaism Accept Converts?

    This video is the beginning of a conversation that I’ve been having with people around the world. There’s a stirring for spirituality – and many people are asking about Judaism or are drawn to some Jewish practices. Here’s just a bit of education  about the topic. Part 2 will be posted soon (already recorded) so just hang tight if you have questions. Or, better idea, ask me your questions and we can have a Part 3.

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  • Purim Musings

    Purim Musings

        It’s Purim! The sun is fading and the day is quieting down. All the bustling on the streets has been moved indoors where family and friends are ending the day with a festive meal and spilling the joy deep into to the night long after Purim is officially over. Last year we had a pie fight. My husband was sick and I was hosting a young professionals party. What can I say, the party needed some amping up. […]

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  • Boundaries


    Every time I make a video I have a freak attack that I just said something too strong, or too flaky, or just too…. something. This time was no different. But when I was decided to listen to it when it finally uploaded, my anxiety went away. In fact, I was listening to myself speak, hearing myself say words that I need to hear. It felt good.

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  • Shabbos In The ER

    Shabbos In The ER

      And just when I was talking about things settling down… I spend Shabbos in the ER!   Everything is ok now, but my mind is just spinning with images and experiences of the last day. I  went in with my daughter  Thursday night and thought we’d be out earlier, but things were taking so long that as time marched on we knew we would be there for Shabbos. Once that reality set in, it was time to do what […]

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  • I Believe in Miracles!

    I Believe in Miracles!

      No words. I don’t need to add one thing to this!! I LOVE IT!!!!! Let’s celebrate! What’s your miracle?

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  • Dear Diary,

    Dear Diary,

      Dear Diary, Dearest Blog Friends, Universe and Me, It’s been a long time (again!) since I’ve written and we have SO much to catch up on! I’m posting pictures here of the last few months! This past summer, you remember, was the summer of humbling heartache. My kids were struggling, my husband’s job ended and I was generally just treading water. BUT, do you remember just a bit before then, that I went to Israel? I went as a […]

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  • From His Bedroom to the Football Field

    From His Bedroom to the Football Field

        This week in the Jewish calender it’s the holiday of Succos – a time where we build something akin to  a hut and spend a week  there, (having our meas there, often sleeping there and generally spending time in it’s holy walls)  both grounding our inspiration from the High Holidays while simultaneously creating a cocoon of spirituality to nurture us for the upcoming year. We call it a Honeymoon with G-d. This Succos we’ve had amazing meals, guests, […]

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