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  • Video – How to Tie a Tichel! The Tunisian Tie! Part 1

    Video – How to Tie a Tichel! The Tunisian Tie! Part 1

          Hey, I always thought my name was Rivka Malka. But a while back I caught on that to a whole bunch of people, I’m simply “The Tichel Lady.” I’ve been covering my head with tichels (headscarves) for about 15 years now and truthfully I’m just as crazy about them as I always was. This is a great hint for my birthday present – ahem! Being a proud Jewish woman I feel joyful, strong, happy and grateful. The […]

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  • Video – Insane! Part 2 “Holy Feminine Energy”

    Video – Insane! Part 2 “Holy Feminine Energy”

    Can wearing a tichel improve your relationship? Jessie shares her experience with covering her hair.

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  • Video – How to Tie The Jessi!

    Video – How to Tie The Jessi!

    Its pretty ironic that Jessie and I met at a wedding. You see, awhile ago when I first started wearing tichels, I had my little guidelines. I used to say ” I love to wear tichels, but  for special occasions I wear a beautiful wig.” And that’s what I did. But I started to notice that every time I would see that one woman- whoever it was, wearing her tichel at wedding, I”d be  drawn to her. A tichel can […]

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  • Hey Akiva Girls!

    Hey Akiva Girls!

    Akiva is the name of the Israel trip I was just on So I got this email one day from a women who saw my youtube videos while looking up tichels. She had some questions so wWe made a date and she came to my house a couple of days later. As you can see in this video – she is WONDERFUL!When I met her I was really surprised to find out that she wasn’t religious, but was committed to […]

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  • Video – The Tunisian Tie – Part 2!

    Video – The Tunisian Tie – Part 2!

    Hey Folks, I”m putting this up today for those who are new to my site. I just realized that it wasn’t here. If you subscribe to my youtube channel (itsrivkamalka) you’ll get all the videos right in your inbox as they premier. Now that’s Spiritual Fun!

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  • Girl Talk!

    Girl Talk!

      Sometimes things are so clearly meant to be, you just have to laugh out loud. Man, there is a Master Planner and He has a plan! A lot of things make me laugh that way. Meeting Andrea is one of them.  Somehow we’re connected; by passions, by dreams and through tichels. Despite our age difference, I feel a true kinship and respect for this woman who has come into Observant Judaism and brought something fresh to the table. Andrea, it was wonderful having you […]

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  • My Husband’s’ Take

    My Husband’s’ Take

    Although I took down the video, you can see the comments below that it evoked. Before I took it down, I hesitated and I thought, ” Maybe I’m just a wimp, a people pleaser and I don’t like confrontation.” But it’s not true. It’s way deeper than that. Some people like controversy. Controversy is a topic that many people disagree on and most often all the parties involved are sticking to their position. So  essentially it’s  a game of who can speak louder or who can […]

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  • A Tichel Miracle

    A Tichel Miracle

      Covering your hair. Covering your hair? You look in the mirror and you see someone brand new. Its scary. Not that many things are scary. Or if they are, we adjust. But covering your hair is so  personal and so potent that it literally can feel like choosing to walk on a different planet.                                                                     What we women are constantly uncovering, is ourselves. I mean, our selves. Beauty. “What a pretty little girl” may be the first thing said […]

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  • Tichels for Weddings!

    Tichels for Weddings!

        I feel a little silly putting this up because its not my prettiest tichel and also because its in a bathroom! I’m trying to answer that question that I get all the time about tichels for weddings. Really folks, it’s YOU who’s beautiful. The tichel just lets that shine through. Add some sparkle, a ribbon or flower and that’s all you need. I’m really looking forward to selling a nice collection of those sparkly additions in my upcoming store!

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  • Shopping with Rivka Malka ( and a little rant!)

    Shopping with Rivka Malka ( and a little rant!)

    I hope this video opens up some doors and lets women  know how accessible tichels are! It’s still fun to buy them online from tichel stores because those tichels are tried and tested for size and texture. It’s also fun because then you get to support other women in business , which is way more of a kick than supporting a department store! You know,  just when  I’m feeling like. Ok, I’m getting confused here, these pretty tichels are getting way too much attention, I […]

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