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  • Shopping with Rivka Malka ( and a little rant!)

    Shopping with Rivka Malka ( and a little rant!)

    I hope this video opens up some doors and lets women  know how accessible tichels are! It’s still fun to buy them online from tichel stores because those tichels are tried and tested for size and texture. It’s also fun because then you get to support other women in business , which is way more of a kick than supporting a department store! You know,  just when  I’m feeling like. Ok, I’m getting confused here, these pretty tichels are getting way too much attention, I […]

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  • Video:Jew in the City!

    Video:Jew in the City!

    There’s a good chance you saw these awesome videos before. I love them. Even more than the videos, I respect the woman behind them. Just one girl, noticing that there was something to do and stepping up to plate. People really want to know what it means to be Jewish. Don’t let the media be the ones to tell them. Let’s tell them ourselves. Through our actions and through explanations. People are curious. And YOU are an ambassador. And if […]

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