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  • Visit Tichel Central!

    Visit Tichel Central!

        After years of Tichel tying – I met my Tichel Sister Andrea Grinberg. Together we started a site where you can buy tichels, see tons of tutorials and be connected to women around the world! Click on it enter. You’re going to LOVE it!

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  • When I Feel Responsible For Others

    When I Feel Responsible For Others

    I saw this gem on the bulletin board at a therapists office. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me. When I feel responsible FOR others… I fix protect rescue control                                                                                        carry their feelings don’t listen […]

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  • Video – The Tunisian Tie – Part 2!

    Video – The Tunisian Tie – Part 2!

    Hey Folks, I”m putting this up today for those who are new to my site. I just realized that it wasn’t here. If you subscribe to my youtube channel (itsrivkamalka) you’ll get all the videos right in your inbox as they premier. Now that’s Spiritual Fun!

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  • A Tichel Pin, A Girl With Strep and Walking Fearlessly Through Life

    A Tichel Pin, A Girl With Strep and Walking Fearlessly Through Life

        (Actual FB message from Andrea) We just stopped by and brought her some stuff that will hopefully make the sickness a bit easier.  The rash she has looks like something that is common for Israeli children… the english word is german measles… but I’m not sure if that’s what she actually has.  My husband is under the impression that it’s fairly common here in Israel (like chicken pox) and she just needs antibiotics which hopefully the doctor will […]

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  • A Slice of the Pie

    A Slice of the Pie

    I’ve been sick in bed for a little bit, so I’m letting my brother, Benzion Klatzko stand in for me. Here he talks about prioritizing to get the most out of life. Enjoy him, he’s amazing!

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  • Deena


    Ok, now you’ve met Deena, another Shalsheles girl What more can I add? That girl’s on fire!  

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  • Insecurity


      Imagine you live on a ranch, far away from the city. Your nearest neighbor is 2 acres away and Main Street is a 15 minute drive. You hear a noise, then another. It’s pretty clear to you that someone’s in the house. You stand in the corner of the kitchen and peek out into the living room, your heart racing. There he is! And he has a gun! Adrenaline pumping, you look around for some kind of weapon, something to protect yourself with. […]

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  • Video: How to tie a Tichel – “Let’s start at the Very Beginning”

    Video: How to tie a Tichel – “Let’s start at the Very Beginning”

    Tying the Classic – it’s pretty basic, but its good to be reminded about the basics! If you wear your tichel like this,you may want to try adding that second ribbon for decoration. I cannot tell you enough about the joy of color. I’ve resisted so far talking about the “Black Epidemic.” But I will say this. Hundreds of people have told me how much they enjoy seeing the color I wear. It brings simcha (joy)! It’s feminine! It’s beautiful! […]

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  • Making a Living  – Loving your Life:Jay Meyers

    Making a Living – Loving your Life:Jay Meyers

      Right before Yom Kippur, while families were just beginning their before the fast meal, my nieghbor, Jay Meyers, got into a car accident. His car flipped over and stayed that way while rescue crews worked to extricate him. People gathered around. At our table we heard news of the crash too. No one even knew  who was in the car – it was so mangled. Whoever it was , we prayed for them and when we heard it was […]

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  • (Don’t?) Talk to Strangers

    (Don’t?) Talk to Strangers

      I was already checking out my groceries when I saw them. The conveyer belt was full but I asked the man behind the counter “please ring me up,” I have to go now. I was in  Baltimore’s  kosher supermarket so the religious man behind the counter was understanding. I walked over to where they were. I was intrigued. Jeans, a super large piercing and a cool tattoo, standing in front of the Chanuka candles. I love meeting people and […]

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