By Rivka Perlman

February 19, 2015

2 Types of Music


There are two types of music. Those that awaken your body and those that awaken your soul.

Lazer Brody’s Cd Calming Waters is definitely the second type. From the title you may think its simple spa music or soothing sounds, but don’t let that fool you. Calming Waters is a collection of prayers that take you to places of euphoria and yearning.

I bought his Cd man years ago when he came to Baltimore to give a talk. I didn’t expect it to blow me away. But there I was, folding laundry, crying, singing, aching with a happy ache , the kind you get when your soul just wants to leap out of your body but it knows it can’t.

Each melody has a message – it’s a particular type of prayer and it’s not contrived. It’s not like looking at an abstract painting and then giving it a name based on what you see. No, it’s more like a child whose name you don’t yet know and then when you hear it, it fits perfectly. The song is the prayer, is the lesson, is the song.

The one I shared here is Sandpiper. Sandpiper Rivka Malka

The Sandpiper he writes is not the most beautiful bird, it’s not the most graceful or agile but all day long it chirps it’s happy song. Happy to be exactly what it is. Many of the melodies are quite different from this, but somehow this upbeat song took me to new heights of joy. I danced with my girls ( and anyone who walked into the house) to this tune singing

“I am so happy, yes, I am so happy, I am so happy, happy to be me.” I am so happy, yes I am so happy, yes I am so happy that you are you. “

Try it with the music and dance a little jig. It’s amazing!

On the Cd he plays the Native American flute which is the flute that is most similar to the one that King David played. The sound is truly authentic.

(Side Note – Lazer Brody is a dear friend of Granmother White Eagle and shares one of her tribes songs that inspired him on his cd. His ¬†book Garden of Emunah, which has ¬†sold millions of copies ( and which is worthy of it’s own post) is popular around the world including in Indian Reservations.

I get Lazer Beams in my inbox every day – short Emunah posts from Lazer Brody and this was today’s which made me want to share Calming Waters with you.

Dear Rabbi Lazer,

Is it true that a three-year old can be highly receptive on a spiritual level? We had a maid that used to listen motivational CDs with subliminal messages and my son of 3¬†Immanuel ¬†told me that he listened from that maid “ugly and scary messages” and we fired her. As a result of her CDs, he was having nightmares. I bought Calming Waters and let my son listen to the peaceful flute and nice sounds; my son insists that your CD is full of beautiful messages. The Talmud¬†says that¬†Hashem ¬†( G-d) hides secrets and prophecies with toddlers and infants.¬†I don’t mean to pry, but is my son really receptive to subtle spiritual messages? Does your CD really have spiritual messages? Thanks so much, DR from LA

Dear DR,

Yes, your son is very receptive, indicative of his very holy and pure soul. Make sure you give him the best Torah education imaginable. And yes, all my flute music has messages, since the melodies came to me during personal prayer, when I was¬†speaking to Hashem at many special places all over the Land of Israel countryside. They reflect a yearning for Hashem and a desire¬†get close to Him. That’s why the melodies are so soothing to the soul. May you have much joy from all your children. Blessings always, LB¬†Rabbi Lazer Brody Rivka Malka

You’re invited to join me on a virtual tour of Israel’s countryside, with my flute in the background, right here.


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