By Rivka Perlman

August 10, 2012

A Taste of Kabbalah

A sweet and dear reader named Cassie, asked a question about a Mitzvah (Torah law). It was a thoughtful question, but it was in the realm of  “how does G-d’s mind work?” like, why is it this way? And I thought to myself, is there really an answer for this. Well, YES! There is! there’s an answer to everything!

That’s because contrary to popular belief, this world does make sense,  (though we may not always be able to make sense of it!) And when we search for meaning, we’re actually searching for G-d; for the architecht’s plan.

In Jewish schools, they send home “nachas notes.” Little notes of pleasure that the parent can enjoy about their child. “Joey cleaned the toys so nicely today !”

The best award is a nachas note that says “Sarah asked a great question today!” That means Sarah’s got her thinking cap on.  We only grow by asking questions. Yay Sarah!

Here’s one for Cassie:

Dear G-d, Cassie asked a great question! Keep it up Cassie! love, Rivka Malka

If anyone out there has any questions about parenting, relationships, Judaism,  or anything else, please always feel free to ask me!

* In the summer months its so hard to sit and write with the kids around, so I’ll send you a video response.

all the best! Rivka Malka




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