Advanced Coaching and Business Training Program

This program is only open to graduates who attended a full year of coaching school.

A fun, comprehensive program that will give you coaching, supervision, business training, and empowerment.

Training begins February 3, 2021

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In this program, you will gain confidence in your coaching skills with the support and feedback from our mentorship and supervision segments.   You will have plenty of opportunities to practice. You will learn how to get clients, where and how to market and advertise yourself.  We will transform beliefs about money and teach you to charge comfortably. We will make it easy for you to set up and run a business.    You will be led through exercises and lessons so that you can feel amazing and comfortable about your work.  You will be supported, guided and encouraged as you blossom into your expertise and leadership.  You will build more confidence and skills and move forward in your journey.   


Rivka Malka’s experience with building a coaching business began with going to coaching school just as you did. She will share with you the benefits of her business training, experience, mistakes and successes. Her vision is not only to build your confidence and your skills, but to give you hands on support in creating your offering to the world. All this is couched in a foundation of a Torah hashkafa on money, work and mission. The classes are generous in their sharing of relevant tips that you can only know from being in the field.

You will walk away from this program with…

…new confidence, sharpened coaching skills mission, a mission, a vision, a logo, tagline, branding, a plan and clients.

This program has NINE ways to help you become an empowered business woman and the skilled coach you want to be.  

Lesson Titles and Descriptions

Part 1 – Pre-recorded lessons:

There are 16 pre-recorded lessons that will be released over 15 weeks. Each class targets a different aspect of business and leadership training. You will learn about all aspects of business including, but not limited to, creating an identity, understanding your niche and mission, marketing, collaboration, getting clients, charging, writing ads that attract customers and how to present your coaching business in a natural and effective way. Each session is accompanied by a hands on worksheet.

Part 2 – Live Zoom classes:

These will be held on Wednesdays from 8:00 – 10:00 PM EST, and from 2:00 – 3:00 PM EST for Israel time zone students. In each class, there will be time dedicated for Q & A to discuss the week’s lesson, a review of the coaching tools (as mentioned in Part 3), an extensive peer to peer coaching session (approximately 25 minutes) in front of the group followed by analysis and feedback to sharpen your skills, and 3-person breakout rooms where you will either work on an assignment or practice coaching and giving feedback to each other.

Part 3 – Review of the coaching tools:

Each week in our live Zoom sessions, we will be focusing on 1 – 3 of the Foundations tools. In reviewing these tools, we will both sharpen our skills and freshen our minds. Using our collective coaching experiences we will explore these tools from new angles and find new applications.

Part 4 – Coaching buddies:

Coaching buddies provide the unique experience of working with someone one-on-one, fostering deeper awareness and helping you with plans and accountability as well as processing. Coach and get coached. We will be switching buddies every 3 weeks.

Part 5 – Weekly one-hour open forum session on Zoom:

On Sunday mornings from 10:00 – 11:00 AM EST, a more experienced coach will be available. This time is a gift for you to ask questions, do some practice coaching, and discuss anything and everything.

Part 6 – Online forum:

This will be hosted on the portal and run like a discussion board. Discussion threads will have a topic heading so that you can participate in and search for conversations. This will be a space to ask and answer different questions and discuss any ideas.

Part 7 – Recorded Coaching Session with analysis:

These are 10 recorded coaching sessions where Rivka Malka is the coach. Each video comes with an analysis by Rivka Malka as she explains which tools she used and why.

Part 8 – Purpose Project:

This project begins the final segment of the course. It lasts 5 weeks and makes up the leadership training portion of the course. This is where you take everything you’ve learned and challenge yourselves to move into an even greater action. In your Purpose Project, you will create a vision for the contribution you want to make. Using all your tools, you will plan, market and bring it to the world.

Part 9 – Recorded Coaching Submission:

You will have the opportunity to send in a recorded coaching session (30 minutes) for review before the program’s end. You will get feedback and analysis on your tools and coaching skills.

ACBT Lesson 1 - Creating a Business Model that Serves Your Life Mission
Your coaching business is an extension of who you are. In this penetrating opening class, we’ll explore who you are and what you do. Through a series of questions and exercises, you’ll be led to a deeper understanding of how you stand in the world and what you have to offer. This understanding leads to the beginning of carving out a business model that serves you. (Comes with worksheet)
ACBT Lesson 2 - Branding and Your Elevator Pitch
People don’t just want coaching. They want you! What is your story? What makes your journey interesting? How can you express what you do in the clearest, simplest, and most effective words? In this class, we’ll lead you through an exercise that will clarify your story and help you to create the most precise message to deliver to people about your work. No more stumbling over your words. This lesson and accompanying exercise will give you the confidence that will open doors to easy client conversations. (Comes with worksheet)
ACBT Lesson 3 - Creating a Healthy Relationship with Money
Money is a physical currency that represents life force. Our relationship with money is directly influenced by our relationships with our expectations, beliefs, life, and ourselves.
In this class, we will explore your beliefs about money and how to transform them.
We will anchor our teachings with a Torah perspective on money and its holiness. We will teach you how to charge for your services and how to navigate a financial conversation. We will also explore your relationship with time, work, and clients. (Comes with worksheet)
ACBT Lesson 4 - Goal Setting and Personal Accountability
You have deepened your ownership and understanding of your gift. Now it’s time to set goals for getting out there. In this class, we will explore practical goal-setting methods, how to deal with self-sabotage, and how to embrace the joy of accountability. You will be setting specific coaching goals with regard to clients and/or money, and you will create a plan that will help you reach those goals. (Comes with worksheet)
ACBT Lesson 5 - Marketing and Advertising Part 1
The term marketing can be scary. Putting yourself out there may be daunting. In this session, we will demystify marketing, show you how to get clients through your relationships, and create a natural and straightforward marketing strategy that suits your personality. Advertising can seem like selling yourself. In this class, we will learn the principles and methods to correct your mindset and let you “hang your shingle” without shame or hesitation. (Comes with worksheet)
ACBT Lesson 6 - Marketing and Advertising Part 2
In this lesson, we’ll learn how to give over a relevant message that hits the spot. We will discuss the common mistakes people make when marketing themselves and how to stay true to yourself. Be prepared for tons of helpful information! (Comes with worksheet)
ACBT Lesson 7 - Social Media and Technology
How will you use social media and technology? How can you use it in a way that best fits your life and values? In this class, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of social media and how to use email to support your growth. This class blends what to do with who you are and what your vision is. (Comes with worksheet)
ACBT Lesson 8 - Tips and Tools
Lesson 8 and 9 will be presented in one week. Our offices are not brick and mortar anymore, and pen and paper are rarely used. Instead, there are a host of online tools available to help run your business. This video gives you an overview of how to use the most common tools to create a smooth flow of business. Don’t worry if you feel scared of technology. This video will break down the different tools and make it easy for you! Some of the tools we will discuss are PayPal, Zoom, Madmimi, Asana, and Acuity. (Comes with worksheet)
ACBT Lesson 9 - Taxes and Bookkeeping
This class will be presented by Shoshana Beliak, a Coaching School graduate and expert accountant.

This class will provide practical business information regarding taxes and bookkeeping. Shoshana will also be available during the live class to answer any questions that you may have. (Comes with worksheet)

ACBT Lesson 10 - Bringing Forth the Vision
We are now ready to take everything we’ve learned and challenge ourselves to move into even more significant action. You will be led step by step and supported through this process. In this opening class, we’ll discuss how to take your vision and create the outline and plan for your Purpose Project. You will be focusing on the Purpose Project for the next four weeks. Your Purpose Project will include creating a vision of the contribution you want to make and use all the tools you’ve learned to plan, market, and bring it to the world. (Comes with worksheet)
ACBT Lesson 11 - Collaborations and Workshops
Partnering and collaborating is an exciting and supportive way to reach more people. It can be a comfort and a pleasure to work with another person. Successful partnerships require clarity, boundaries, and a deep understanding of what a collaboration is and isn’t. This understanding is critical to shalom/peace and integrity. The more Women gather together to support the global healing wave, the greater the importance this class takes on. (Comes with worksheet)
ACBT Lesson 12 - Group Coaching
Learn the Bailent method of powerful group coaching. Explore where you can apply this method and expand your gifts to the world. Learn about group dynamics and what to look out for and how to masterfully lead even if you don’t feel like a leader. (Comes with worksheet)
ACBT Lesson 13 - Walking in the World in a New Way
It’s time to walk in the world in a new way. You are now deep into your Purpose Project and learning new ideas about leadership. How do you do that? What is the spirit that will enable you to stand taller, take more ownership, and carry the joy that comes with the responsibility of being your incredible self? How do you overcome obstacles? What are the weapons needed to battle for your dream? How do you maintain this on a day to day basis? How can you be of greatest service to your family and the world. (Comes with worksheet)
ACBT Lesson 14 - White Fire Will and Vision
Creating anything important requires an engine that is revved up and activated. In this class, we’ll explore what it means to hold the vision and stretch your ratzon/will. We’ll do exercises and visualizations to foster the spiritual energy to bring your physical gift to life. (Comes with worksheet)
ACBT Lesson 15 - Why Your Contribution Matters
In this class, we’ll explore mindset and Torah ideas about why your contribution matters so much, and why do we do what we do? What are G-d’s expectations of us? What is His desire and what is the honor He wants to give us? How do we know that our part is really making a difference in the global scheme of things? We will explore all the questions and many more in this class. (Comes with worksheet)
ACBT Lesson 16 - Presentation and Celebration Class - Purpose Project
This week we’ll be celebrating our contributions and presenting them to the class. In this lesson, we’ll explore the importance of celebrating moments and accomplishments. We’ll discuss how to drink in pride without pushing it away and why gratitude means reveling in the details. Learn how celebrating fully makes a life of continued contribution and happiness.


Course Cost: $2,000 (different payment options available)

Classes are from: February 3, 2021 through June 16, 2021

Classes will be on Wednesdays from 8:00 – 10:00 PM EST, and 2:00 – 3:00 PM EST* for Israel time zone students 

*In order to have the 2:00 PM EST Israel time zone class, we must have 6 coaches minimum from the Israel time zone signed up to the program. 


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