Get your coaching or small business up and running in 2 weeks.

Training begins Oct 17, 2023








You’ve done the training, now start gaining.

You took the time and money to train. Don’t let your talents go to waste. You can be business confident and LAUNCHED in just 2 weeks.

This business and branding intensive will give you your own live, up-and-running custom website, branding kit, logo, and business infrastructure to take your professional practice where you want to go.

NEXT, WE’LL HELP YOU FILL YOUR CALENDAR – You don’t have to do this alone!

FUN&DNE! includes 3 months of training with Rivka Malka and satff  where you’ll build your client base, meet challenges and reach your goals with weekly mentorship meet ups!


If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.

-Ellen Johnson Sirleaf



Any women who is professionally trained and aims to create a branded, smooth-running, lucrative one-on-one service business.

Coaches, therapists, consultants, stylists, kallah teachers, reading specialists – this is for you!

A woman standing in her gifts and being in alignment with her Creator, her purpose and her values creates a powerful channel for abundance.

There’s another level with your name on it.


“ This is more than your regular business course. This is a guided, goal oriented incredibly fun course with tons of information and a hands on experience. You’ll build your website, your brand and client base and be empowered to step into your most professional shoes.

We’re here to bring out the best in you, to help you and challenge you. We can’t wait to watch you express your gifts and succeed!”


Twenty Hours of Training

Value $3,000


• Branding
• Marketing and advertising
• Creating a healthy relationship with money
• Creating workshops and creative business opportunities

One-on-one Personal Branding consultation

Value $500

• 1 hour with Monique Sevy of Capital M Creative
• Reviewing your website text and design
• Creative brainstorming to amp up your brand


3 Month Business Building Club

Value $3,000

• Live support in attracting clients to generate your steady income stream. Tuesdays at 8pm EST
• Mentorship with Rivka Malka
• Challenges and goal setting

• Action and accountability

Fully functioning, fully branded website

Value $2,500

• Gorgeous, branded custom built website
• Live and ready to use
• Ready to book appointments
• Fully editable to grow with you as your business grows

The entire module comes with an interactive student handbook that includes all the worksheets you will need.

(Formerly ACBLT)


Monique’s design conveys power. No wimpy or limp trend designing here. If you want to convey strength behind whatever your business / organization / product – that’s one of this designer’s unique qualities.


Upstart Consulting

I participated in Rivka Malka’s original business program. It made the difference between being certified and actually coaching. It provided me with information, a structure for accountability, a guide and sisterhood to walk through that process.

Chana Gittle Deray

What  a powerful and effective training. I love how you bring Torah into each session. I love that you give us concrete exercises to do NOW so we actually move ourselves forward. I have never learned so much in such a short time!  

Coach Training Student

If you start today, where could you be in three months?


Getting powerful female support

Learning the basics of branding and business structure

Getting over money mindset issues

Building new business and marketing skills

Finding courage to express yourself

Becoming accountable and action-oriented

Stepping into your professional self with ease and grace

Making more money!

Having more fun in your life as you enjoy your potential

Getting a step by step marketing guide

BONUS! A social media content builder

This course will be run twice a year
at the cost of


This year, to celebrate our opening,
we are offering this course for just


or 16 payments of $250

(that’s under 20 coaching sessions to cover the cost!)

Help the people who need you, find you!




Rivka Malka is the program lead. Together with her husband she built an international headscarf business. Upon selling the business, Rivka Malka moved into the coaching space eventually opening the School of Coaching and Transformation to train other women in coaching and healing.
Before opening her headscarf business, Rivka Malka was the director at WOW, a kiruv organization. Aside from leading the program her tasks included branding, marketing and recruiting.
Rivka Malka has extensive experience in workshop building, marketing, and business coaching. It puts a giant smile on her face to watch other women step into their personal awesomeness.


Rachel is a trauma and somatic coach who also serves as the administrator for Rivka Malka’s School of Coaching and Transformation.
In addition to building her own thriving coaching practice she co-led the Advanced Coaching Business and Leadership Training alongside Rivka Malka for two years.
She is known for her clarity, enthusiasm and desire to help women shine. She brings her superbly magical executive functioning skills to our program to keep the program on track, on time and organized.


Owner of Capital M Creative, Monique is known for her original and creative perspective on personal branding. She is multitalented and her work is multifaceted, marrying knowledge of branding with expertise in messaging and years of experience as a graphic designer.
She is known for taking businesses from 0 to 100! Monique’s open and friendly personality makes her a blast to work with, and her Sephardic background brings color and flair to her art. If you come across a brand that has a certain something special…you are most likely looking at Monique’s work.
Monique has been working with Rivka Malka’s brand for nearly a dozen years, through building three businesses!


What if I have to miss a class?

All sessions are recorded. Your manual will guide you to fill in any work that you missed.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You can make 16 payments of $250 per month.

We are committed to your development, so we want your business profit to cover the cost of the program by the time we are done.

What are the dates and times of the program?

Tuesdays 1:00 – 2:30 beginning Oct 17th.

What if I just want branding and a website?

Many women feel so busy that the very thought of joining ANYTHING over 3 months is not appealing.

If you are one of those, I totally understand. You can certainly join the 2-week program and get the amazing benefit of marketing and branding training along with a fully built website and brand consultation.

My guess is that once you get a taste of what it’s like to have encouraging and creative support for your vision you will WANT to join the weekly Meet Ups. they will challenge you and grow you.

However, it is all optional. It’s an offering of coaching and support that you do not have to take.

Whether you choose to come to the  Business Building Club or not the price for the program is the same.

What If I'm not sure that I'm ready to go all the way "out there"?

Sometimes you can get so far in your healing or business journey that you KNOW how much more there is to go. It can be intimidating. Who am I to do this? Am I really ready to promote myself?

Only you can answer that but I will share my perspective with you:

There IS a place for what you have. There are people who need you NOW. You are so used to being you and having the knowledge that you have that you may have forgotten just how far you’ve come,

We cannot wait for perfection in this world. This is the elusive feeling of “landing somewhere” that we are looking for. It’s just not how it works. The way of life is that we grow and as we grow we offer shade to the next person. Our tree will grow deeper roots and longer branches and we will offer more. Always more. But we do not wait until we are done to give.

We give from what we have and that very giving is what grows us into who we are becoming. Believe in yourself as Hashem believes in you. This is part of how we give back to Him.

Not only that, but part of our spiritual and emotional growth is expressing our gifts. It gives us joy to serve Hashem in this way. It’s just WONDERFUL!

These are my thoughts. I hope that they help you to see that the world is waiting for you!

What if I don't want a BIG business?

Not all women want a big business. Sometimes we just want to dip into our gifts in a way that feels balanced and does not disrupt our lives. That is okay.

You can build your business in a way that feels right for you. The only thing NOT to do is to not ignore your gifts. If you don’t build ANY vessel ( a website and brand ) then you won’t have a space for even the smaller way that you want to work.

You can do this. You don’t have to be anything other than yourself. All this will do is give you a place and way to express that Self.


What is your refund policy?

Once you are signed up we cannot offer you a refund. this is so even before the program starts. If a true emergency comes up you may defer your participation for 6 months when we will run the program again. The cost for the program will go up in a year and at that time you would need to pay the difference in order to join.


or 16 payments of $250
It’s time to turn your hard earned skills
into a real business!
Are you ready?