By Rivka Perlman

February 3, 2013

Meet A Woman Brand New To Headcovering


So I got this email one day from a women who saw my YouTube videos while looking up tichels. She had some questions so we made a date and she came to my house a couple of days later.

As you can see in this video – she is WONDERFUL!When I met her I was really surprised to find out that she wasn’t religious, but was committed to covering her hair.

As with all the other wonderful people I meet I had to capture her on video. I never ended up posting it but when I was watching it today it reminded me of you and how our  neshama is just waiting to be awoken. And how it sings when we pay attention to it.

You guys are my¬† heroes. You know, I’m always working on healthy eating and sometimes it’s so hard. And I think to myself, I find this little change hard – just think of the inner strength and conviction of people who make Jewish changes in their life. WOW!

Have you ever had a great experience shaking a lulav with a Chabad Rabbi or attending a Menorah lighting? The idea that they’re focusing on is that every mitzvah is a spark and you never know which spark will light up a person’s soul.

So here is Sharon being all lit up by the mitzvah of modesty. Do you have a  mitzvah? One that grabs you and feels mysteriously  important and yet doable?

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