Are you ready for some business coaching?
That is AWESOME! 

It means that you have a passion, you have a vision, you’ve put time and energy into making it happen and you’re ready to take it to the next level!

I am so excited for you! what you have to give is important. Important for the world to benefit from and important for you to make money from. 

As a matter of fact, one of my favorite things to do is to help women make money. Because I know that the more money you make the more time and emotional freedom you will have to give what you are truly mean to give. 

Business coaching has 6 modules. These modules are flexible. Some take longer to get through and some shorter. It is all customized to fit your needs. The goal is to access both depth and velocity. 

Depth, so that you grow past your blocks and sabotaging voices and velocity, so that you make brave decisions and take concrete physical action.

In addition, I offer marketing expertise and a wealth of experience from running 2 successful online businesses and I’m happy to share my knowledge with you!

Take Your Business to the Next Level

  • The Goal – to help you clarify your current business and create a vision for the future. 

    In this module we’ll get clear on who you are and what you do. For entrepreneurs, this is the most critical point. Without a clear assessment of your gifts you cannot effectively build your business. 

    We’ll look at: what is your current business model? Where are your strengths and  weaknesses? What do others say about you?

    We’ll also create a vision for the short term and long term future. 


  • The Goal – To investigate and search for possible blocks and broken paradigms that keep you from going BIG. 

    In this module we’ll look at  your relationship to money, your spiritual views on making money and you can break through limiting beliefs. 


    We’ll also be discussing your business paradigms and the healthiest models that will serve your success. We’ll look at your relationship to money, to work and to your clients. 



  • The Goal – To crystallize your message and give it power, zing and authenticity. 

    What is your story? What were your pivotal lessons? 

    What is your life mission?

    You’ll learn how to tell your story powerfully and concisely so you become THE address for your gift. 

  • The Goal – To Get into ACTION!

    You have clarified your mission, crystallized your story, created a vision, met your saboteurs and now its time to take action!

    While you will have been taking loots of action in the first three modules, Module 4 is where we really amp it up. 

    We’ll make a plan and set up deadlines and systems of accountability. 

    We’ll ask the hard questions – What do you have to say yes to. What do you have to say no to? And what  daily practices must you implement to effect change?




  • The Goal  – To answer the question – how will you reach your clients?

    This module is chock full of business education. We’ll cover the following topics as well as real time ( not online) strategy you can use to creatively make an impact. 

    Youtube = The Hows and Why’s

    Facebook = The How’s and Why’s

    Instagram = The How’s and Why’s

    Webinars = The Hows and Whys


  • The Goal   – To support your next steps as you grow your business with confidence and clarity.

    We’ll go back to our original Who are you and find out: What’s Changing About You and what do you need to get to get rid of?

    We’ll push the envelope and take things to the next level. We will celebrate success and think BIG. 

    Additionally as you grow you may need to find out what education will you need to invest in. Do you want to explore collaboration?

    And what would be your biggest leap? 

Let's Talk About Your Business

You’ve worked really hard in your business and non profit
and you’re at a crossroads.
In this 45  minute session we’ll talk about your business or non profit  organization
and get clear about what you want you want to create and how coaching can help you get there. 

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