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What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is custom support for quickly growing your business or organization.

How Business Coaching Works:

Through deep investigation of your current model and coaching on your future visions.

What Will You Get from Coaching?

You will get clarity in the direction of your business and an action plan that will lead you to your goals.

Where will Coaching take you?

Business Coaching will build you as a leader and take you to strategic and financial success.

Here’s the Plan
Custom Support
We will look at everything you have done until now and make a plan for your next steps.
Make More Money
With encouragement and a plan you will make more money and have more time to get your message out.
Clarity in Your Direction
There are so many choices. Get clarity on which direction to take.
Leadership Training
Discover tools and concepts for more effective leadership
Marketing Strategy
Create a personalized marketing strategy. Get help from someone who has been there.
Courage Consulting
Be challenged to take courageous steps and cut through fears that are keeping you small.
Happy customers.

Coaching has been so incredible for me. We connect on Mondays and this really helps me focus for the upcoming week, as well as reflect on how I’d like to make changes or improve certain areas. Rivka Malka has an incredible listening ear and I truly value the clarity that she brings to whatever I happen to be working on at the moment.


You are a powerful and effective coach. I love how you bring Torah into each session. I love that you give us concrete exercises to do NOW, on the phone so we actually move ourselves forward. We discover new perspectives during the course, and learn about ourselves.


I had an awesome time with Rivka today discovering more about myself and my life’s mission. Great listener, the real deal. She gives excellent feedback. I’ve had plenty of “light bulb moments” with her in our time together. Very warm, easy to talk to. Gives you her undivided attention. I can tell that she truly cares about people and the work she does.


Thank you for the amazing Discover your Life mission coaching session. I have been looking for my life’s purposes and my unique talents for so many years. In just two short hours you genuinely understood me and were able to guide me toward my life’s true missions. You have a gift of clarity and understanding and have opened up so many doors for me. May you continue to help others to embrace their uniqueness and shine their special light in this world.


Rivka Malka helped me get to what I was really thinking and feeling and encouraged me to take quick and great actions regarding my career future. In the process of me taking that action, I realized that I in fact did not want to go into the career we had discussed. Throughout this whole process, I got to validate my feelings, got to know myself better, and have someone to back me up along the way.

C Levy

Download these 2 FREE gifts to help you get moving!

Business Plan

Where you are stopping the flow of your business? Find out with the Business Plan Headstart. This tool is great for Non Profit leaders too!

3 Part
Marketing Course

I’ve made plenty of mistakes… You don’t have to! This 3 part Marketing Course is real life advice about the do’s and don’ts of marketing and recruiting.

Dear Woman on a Mission,

I know what it’s like to care about something so deeply and to need someone to talk it through with who will support your dreams and not just give standard advice.

I know how important it is for creative people to make money doing what they do and for visionaries to be financially supported – and how often they aren’t.

You were meant to do magnificent things.

You may not even know just how much the world needs you.

I would be honored to support you so that you can make brave decisions and take concrete physical action and live your mission.

You Can Do This!
Love, Rivka Malka