By Rivka Perlman

December 22, 2019

Chanuka Meditation – Night 1


The miracle of the oil is that it lasted for eight days.

And that, my friends, is only ONE of the thousands of miracles that Hashem did for us in the Chanuka story.

Here’s another one that we can focus on.
The miracle of searching for that last jar of oil.


The Temple was ransacked. The holy jars of oil were violated, their seals broken. The Kohanim had nothing to light a Menorah with.
What kept them searching?

They could have given up. They could have said ” It’s just not going to happen. The Menorah will not be lit. There’s no way.”

But they didn’t give up.
This, my friends, is a miracle.

A miracle in Hebrew is called a Nes, a banner, similar to the word nisayon, a test.
Rashi says a nisayon, is analogous to a potter banging his pots in order to show you their strength.

He does not want to break them. In fact, he is proud to show you what they can withstand. These are AMAZING vessels!

The test of not giving up when all seems lost creates a banner – a waving flag and testimony to who you are.

When you stand at the candles thinking about all the miracles that Hashem has done for you. Think about this. The miracle of you facing everything Hashem has put into Your life to test you, day after day.

Your strength is a miracle! Your belief that there IS one more small jug of oil within you is what keeps you going.

And Hashem is so proud of His children. He rewards everything we do.
“You held out for that small jar? I will show you that even a small jar is more than enough.”

“You can only do one more day of this test?  That’s all you have to do. I will take care of the rest.”

When we light the Menorah tonight, we start with just one light.
This is like your one little jar of oil within you. Light that candle with all of your being. For it is the spark of your miraculous essence.
It is a testimony to the incredible partnership that we have with the Almighty.

He will always be there for us.
And we can always trust that there is more in us that can be there to serve Him.

This life is a miracle. You are a miracle. And every night this miracle will grow.🕎

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