Where to begin? The Coaching School is one of Hashems many gifts to this world! It is a beautiful environment where one is able to delve into the inner most depths of their soul. Sometimes doing so can be frightening, but the Coaching School creates a safe, loving space for this unbelievable work to happen. I have gained so many tools that will not only help me interact with Gd willing future clients, but also my family and friends, on a daily basis. I have joined a beautiful group of women, who I feel are my soul sisters, women who are all like minded, working on themselves, trying to be the best they can be. The Coaching School has helped strengthen my relationships, especially my relationship with myself and my relationship with Gd. i think EVERYONE can gain an infinite amount from attending this school. At the end of the day, why are we here ? To be Gdly, to be a light, to discover our gifts and share them, and this experience can give you all that and so much more!

Yocheved Roitburt

The Coaching School gives the greatest coaching experience and learning ever!!!

Suri Jaroslawitz

It is an honor and a privilege that Hashem has directed me to join The Coaching School. This program is an interactive life changing program which helps you connect to other women in your process of growth as they are on the same road as you. Not to mention, the sincerity and love when reaching out to Rabbi (for technical assistance) and Mrs (for emotional assistance) Perlman, the directors and leaders of the school.

This will change your life! It will change your every relationship starting with your relationship with yourself and with Hashem.

Perele Loffler

I would recommend this program for anyone who is looking for a deep, practical, and personal guide to:
– helping themselves live the lives they truly want by working through both internal and external obstacles
– be able to work through current and past difficulties and trauma
– learn to truly value life and see challenges as a meaningful and invaluable part of their life mission
– develop self worth, love, trust, and acceptance
– develop a real and satisfying relationship with Gd
– gain incredible communication tools to improve any relationship and help others improve theirs
– gain confidence and incredible encouragement to reach for goals and make real breakthroughs in many different areas
Perhaps most importantly, though this is an online school, it has become a very strong community of women who support, encourage, and rejoice with each other on a daily basis via online communication and via phone and video calls. I can truly say I’ve met my soul sisters and mothers here, as we are all experiencing something profound and transformational together, each looking to support and be supported on our difficult journeys…and yet, a difficult journey is so much more manageable and even enjoyable with so many friends alongside. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to grow and love their life, and wants to help others reach their highest and unique potential.

Miriam Carr

The school has elevated my emotional well being. It gave me the the wisdom , knowledge , tools, skills and understanding how life works.
I have taken many other courses but this one is on another level. The safety, closeness and the comfort to share with other students is beyond what I expected. I highly recommend it and the price is a bargain for what I have received .
I have developed the resilience to face life in a new way!
Thank you for making such a big difference in my life!

Lillian Iny

Hi, my name is Carolyn and I’ve been a student of the Coaching School of Coaching for almost 5 months now. It continues to blow my mind to think about the fact that there exists a school of women supporting and empowering other women on the basis of Torah, with the backdrop of yearning for Moshiach, may He come soon and in our days, and a school like this that is open to both Jewish women and non-Jewish women! What stirs my heart even more, in the most indescribable way, is that Hashem has brought me to partake in this holy journey. He is undeniably at the core of the experiences within the Coaching School,
     I now have new perspectives in my relationships with my husband, my children, family, and friends. I’m becoming softer and more loving as I begin to heal on the inside. I’m learning invaluable coaching and life skills for myself, family, friends, and others Hashem brings into my life for coaching. I have always had an ongoing dialogue of tefillah with Hashem, and as I’ve continued on my journey with Him, the interactions with other Coaching School students has encouraged me to also daven regularly. I have never believed I could connect so deeply with people online and long distance. However, incredibly divine relationships have sprouted with other students.
     What has made it possible for me as a very busy mom to be able to participate in this school at this time of my life, is that it is experience-based, rather than academically book-based. In other words, right from week one students jump into hands-on coaching. We watch a weekly lesson in our own timing, attend a live weekly class where we both observe and take active roles in coaching and have questions answered, and through online chat and paired-up coaching buddies we have all the opportunity we could want for practicing what we’re learning.
     I deeply appreciate the model that everything is optional – this is your journey – you get out of it what you put into it – and that will be a uniquely individual journey for each student. You mold your own healing with Hashem as you go through the classes and coaching times with others. And if you do want to learn the academic basis for the lessons, books are recommended at particular times throughout the year that you can choose to go through in your own timing.
     The Coaching School staff and team have put and continue to put all of themselves into what makes up this school. They are available for you and simply desire to be loving emissaries of Hashem in your journey of healing and as you discover ways to guide others. I am eternally grateful.

Carolyn Mineau

This school has been expanding me in ways I never dreamed possible. Under the magnificent leadership of Rivka Malka, the possibilities in this school for healing and growth are endless. The brilliant coaching tools we are taught through her teachings and modeling are just one of the great gifts this school has to offer. But the true greatest gift we receive from this school is a chance to get in touch with our own strengths, yearnings, and struggles which creates deep healing for our minds, bodies and souls.


Rivka Malka’s school of coaching and transformation is exactly that; it equips you with the many and crucial skills necessary to become an effective coach while at the same time transforms the individual into recognizing her unique strengths, recognizing and trusting her inner wisdom, building inner strength based on a beautiful way of thinking of G-d and His limitless love for all his children – bringing out all that we didn’t even realize we have!!

DW, Canada

I want to thank you for the wonderful gift of the Redemption School and want to tell you how much I appreciate the knowledge, insight and healing you provide. I am so thankful to you and for this group and the opportunity to grow, share and heal together.

Sheryl Sarnak

My mom is in your first round and was soooo blown away that she signed me up for round 2! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow and to be a part of your awesome program!

Coaching School Student

I just wanted to thank you again and again for all that I have learned and gained from you. The construction of the course, the information and especially from you as a person sharing so much of yourself and who you are. I amazed how much I have grown BH’… It made me realize that hearing your teachings and watching you coach others and then getting to practice coaching with the other participants, week after week has really helped me to internalize and integrate these messages into my life and into my family’s life. I highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to hear. You are providing so much for a very reasonable amount. This is so much more than a regular coaching course. Your commitment to each of your participants in helping them heal, grow and shine is truly incredible. I really hope I am able to continue learning from you.

Leah Bitton

I wrote a testimonial halfway through the year. The school had changed my life in infinite ways, specifically in my relationship with Hashem, myself, and others. I did not expect the second half of the school year to create EVEN greater shifts in my consciousness and my everyday life. The Inner Child Module has opened up my inner world tremendously. I truly believe inner child work is the key to everything. Our deep-rooted pain is usually from our younger years. The events that trigger us are connected to those moments and it is so crucial to heal those parts of ourselves. Having done inner child work before, this module has further opened up this world for me. I truly hope anyone who is able to join this healing journey will come. It is incredible. For this is precisely why we came down into this world, to heal the parts of ourselves that need to be healed and help others heal!

Yocheved Roitburt

After many years of teaching, mentoring, public speaking and writing for women, I was advised to get a coaching degree to help get funding for a curriculum I wanted to launch. The research was overwhelming! Which coaching program? There were thousands!! I started throwing darts into the darkness, researching each one, narrowing down the criteria I felt was important. I called a trusted friend who had learned her Life Coaching skills from Rivka Malka, and liked what I heard. I gratefully put the overwhelming research aside and took the plunge. What I found was solid coaching skills – with coaching being taken very seriously, professionally, and with great integrity. The program was set up to support me with: ways to reach the teachers; super available support staff; students a step ahead of us to help on the journey; weekly live classes where we could get questions answered, watch coaching in action, and share what was going on for us; and coaching buddies to practice coaching with. The teachers each had something different to offer, with new tools and perspectives. And they were real. Authentic people, who shared their journey along with their expertise. What I had not counted on was my own personal journey of growth, self healing, transformation, love, and sturding my own foundation. To go deep into my own healing so that I could not only live a life more full of … life, but create a foundation to be able to guide someone where they need to go in their process. Many times I learned the lesson from a personal level, and then as a coach. Each lesson was so full, and I look forward to repeating this course in the next round to spend more time with and go deeper into the material, which I imagine to be a life long work. Something that touched me deeply about the lessons was the generosity, the all out giving, and I felt this from each teacher. Such love and dignity. Very unique.

Chana Gittle Deray

I’m so excited for this dream to become an even bigger reality for you and all the women and families you have lifted up.

Miriam Carr

I am listening to the class and felt the need to write you. Thank you so much. I love this journey into the Inner Child work….the loving, fun part is what I have been missing. This is such a powerful class and I am looking so forward to moving through this with you.

Shlomit Chana Bell