Philadelphia, PA
Date: January 6th (one day only)
9:30am – 5:00pm

What is a Coach Training Intensive?
A Coach Training Intensive is a powerful and through training in coaching and communication techniques and transformation models. It is an experiential training that will give you the skills and tools that support your natural leadership abilities.
Learn Coaching Skills and Communication Techniques
  • Understand the Mechanics of Transformation.
  • Explore Your Life Story.
  • To guide you in using your natural abilities towards even greater leadership.
  • Grow your Impact as a Leader.
  • Strengthen Your Relationships.
  • Become an expert in moving people towards their greatest selves.
Who you are
  • You are a self aware, dynamic intelligent woman.
  • You are a teacher or mentor, boss or employee and want to have more of an impact.
  • You are a mother and wife and want to increase the intimacy and strength of your relationships.
  • You are a woman at a crossroads and want an experience that will give you more clarity and confidence in your leadership.
Why this training is for you
  • Because learning these tools will give you what you truly want; to connect with people deeply and powerfully – to change someone’s life for the better – to help them be who they were meant to be.
  • You have the natural ability to listen to people and guide them. Learning Coaching skills will strengthen that ability and revolutionize your paradigms for relationship.
  • You are a student of life and woman on a mission. This training will bring out the leader in you.
What This Training Covers
  • A New Paradigm for The Mentor/Mentee Relationship.
  • Achieving Full Access to Intuition so You Can Accurately Read the Needs of Those you Serve.
  • How to Stop Having to be “Inspirational” and Instead IGNITE Motivation
  • How to Use Curiosity as a Doorway to Growth
  • The Rules of Self Management
  • The Components of the Transformative Conversation
  • Creating Followers That are Leaders and Students that are Seekers
  • Communicating with Clarity, Integrity, Confidence and Compassion

“We must become what we wish to teach”

Still have questions?
What will the training will be like?
This training is a self-development experience.

All Redemption Training is experiential. This means that for every skill, I will first teach it, demonstrate it and have you practice it. We will be working from a manual and you will be taking notes. You will also be working in partners and with the group.

The atmosphere in the classroom is highly productive.

There is a level of realness and presence that you don’t often get to experience. This is because we do not use a “front of the room” teaching approach. Rather than only ‘filling your bucket” we’ll ask you to find the faucet within you and turn it on.

What certification will I receive through this training?
Upon finishing the course, you will receive a certification on Foundations in Life Coaching.

You will be able to coach anyone through life issues small or large. You will understand how to bring clarity and confidence to any situation.

Your certification will be a powerful tool in your toolbox of leadership and relationship.

What is this training based on?
The root of the training is practical, applied Emunah. No experience that Hashem gives us is superfluous. Our lives, our strengths, our feelings, our experiences, dreams, and talents all point the way to our personal greatness. It is up to us to uncover how.

All of the information is based on Torah sources, from the Ramchal to Rav Hutner to the Nesivos Shalom, Tanya, Likutei Maharan, Alei Shor and much more. As a matter of fact, once you learn this information you will see it reflected in Torah teachings everywhere.

The skills you will learn are based on my formal training and on the Redemption Work that I have been blessed to discover. I will be teaching coaching and communication skills to evoke transformation in yourself and another.

I have a different question!

Philadelphia, PA
Date: January 6th (one day only)
9:30am – 5:00pm

Coach Training Philadelphia


One Time Payment – $250

What women are saying
Last week, I was privileged to participate in the Coach Training Intensive. Amazing course. It transformed every single one of us!. Rivka Malka’s wisdom is so pure that I was able to access and strengthen my own inner connection to truth by participating in her course. I highly recommend this training! Sheryl

Just want to thank you for an awesome coaching workshop. It was an incredible first time experience to learn and gain new knowledge. I also loved the group exercises. It empowered me to open up and share my life from an honest place. It was amazing to step off my pedestal and lead in a whole new way. C.L.

Took this amazing course! Even if you don’t plan on becoming a coach, this class teaches you life lessons that will give your relationships authenticity and a deeper connection to those around you! Thank you Rivka Malka Perlman! Tikva

My biggest takeaway is the value & challenge in listening without an agenda; to truly try and see the person behind the words.  I loved the asking simple yet powerful questions that just guide a person on a journey. Jackie

I have been a principal for years and this is going to affect every one of my students. M.D.

What  a powerful and effective training. I love how you bring Torah into each session. I love that you give us concrete exercises to do NOW so we actually move ourselves forward. I have never learned so much in such a short time! Sarah B.

This is changing my relationships with my colleagues and my children! Rochel

A Note from Rivka Malka

Dear Community Leader, Teacher or Service Provider,
In my lifelong desire to inspire others to be their best selves I have always had three questions.

1.How can I make more of my conversations transformational?
2.How can I maximize all the energy I am putting out?
3.How can I shine Hashem’s light to the world?

With Hashem’s loving help, I have coached thousands of women and I am so honored to teach you what I have learned in the process.
My hope is that this training will change the way you reach and empower people.

My vision for you is that you will make it your own and do more of the important work you are doing now.

Love, Rivka Malka

Philadelphia, PA
Date: January 6th (one day only)
9:30am – 5:00pm

Coach Training Philadelphia


One Time Payment – $250