Registration for coaching school opens twice a year. Registration for Round 6 which began on Feb. 1, 2022, is now closed.

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our modules

Stage one
coaching Foundations 1

Summary: In this module, you will be introduced to the techniques used in the Transformational Life Coaching (TLC) model of healing. You will learn key concepts and tools that will form the foundation for your and your client’s healing capacity.

Introductory Lesson #1 – Intro to the Redemption School
Introductory Lesson #2 – The Redemption Journey – A Model for Healing
Introductory Lesson #3 – Boundaries and Ethics
Lesson # 1 – Holding Space
Lesson # 2 – Listening, Acknowledging, and Clarifying
Lesson # 3 – Powerful Questions
Lesson # 4 – Labeling
Lesson # 5 – Metaphors
Lesson # 6 – The Saboteur
Lesson # 7 – Triggers
Lesson # 8 – P.I.E.S
Lesson # 9 – Fulfillment and Values
Lesson # 10 – Life Mission

Stage two
coaching Foundations 2

Summary: In this module, you will continue learning the techniques used in the Transformational Life Coaching (TLC) model of healing. Now that you have a solid foundation and have learned how to create and foster a safe, supportive, and healing environment, you will expand your skills and tools repertoire. You will acquire more active skills to help bring your client further into the growing and healing process.

Lesson # 1 – Silence
Lesson # 2 – Embodiment
Lesson # 3 – Process Coaching
Lesson # 4 – Accountability
Lesson # 5 – Perspectives
Lesson # 6 – Challenging
Lesson # 7 – Creative Healing Part 1
Lesson # 8 – Creative Healing Part 2
Lesson # 9 – Visualization
Lesson # 10 – Opening and Closing a Session


While each training is infinitely valuable on its own, to certify as a Transformation Life Coach you must attend all trainings.


Each session contains teaching modules, practice modules and experimentation. You will gain immediate experience in coaching and will receive feedback on your skills. You will be coaching fellow students as well as new clients.

Inner Self

We strongly believe that you can only take your clients as far up the mountain as you have gone. Based on that belief, our trainings include a process of exploration of your inner self.

You will learn how to hold and heal, how to cheer and challenge.

This is not only a School for Coaching. It is a School for Life.

The Coaching School staff and team have put and continue to put all of themselves into what makes up this school. They are available for you and simply desire to be loving emissaries of Hashem in your journey of healing and as you discover ways to guide others. I am eternally grateful.


Carolyn Mineau