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  1. First I am trying to figure out what “YPu” is in:

    My daughters are all musical, between them they sing, play harp, guitar and piano. Batya, the oldest is working on a cd. YPu can hear her sing here.

    Second, I am trying to guess, which one is your brother Benzion in the picture. I am going to guess the second to the younger brother, the brother standing behind it looks like your father. If I am correct you look like your father and Benzion looks like your mother. I can’t remember if my cousin and her husband lived in Shaker Heights or Beachwood, but that was in 1997-1998, you were probably gone by then, their last name is Albert?

    1. HI David, The YPu is my typos! ( Thanks for that – I’ll go edit it now.)
      Hmm, I don’t know your cousin but, Benzion is the one on the right with the brown tie. Nice to meet you!!

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