By Rivka Perlman

July 15, 2015

I Don’t Have Time!!!

Dearest Blog Friends, I’ve been thinking about you – and thinking about you – and thinking about you. And I haven’t written to you! Something just isn’t adding up. I write half a post and then someone needs a ride to the pool or I take a couple of pictures and the camera goes out of town with my husband or I just pain write but feel like I can’t share it without an introduction about what I’m up to.

I’m getting more and more training in coaching and I love it. It puts me out of town a lot but that’s great. I’m working on my book – and boy is that work and I’m building a business – and can you really build anything or do you just do your work and Hashem does the rest?  It’s a lot.

So I’m taking the ( very unprofessional) plunge. I’m smack in the middle of preparing for a talk I”m giving tonight and I’m just hopping over to this blog to give you a superfast 5 minutes run down – I’ll let the photos do most of the talking.

Now it’s back to my work! Have a great night! Rivka Malka

Our dog Doodle is still adorable ( 6 months old now)
Neshama And Yehuda Moshe spend every morning in a camp just for the two of them by one very special older sister ( in the blue dress)
Dreams really do come true. My mother in law is selling her house and asked us to buy he rone of these gorgeous sheds ( that my husband has been pining for for years) to keep her stuff in. So this is the newest addition to our backyard.( Bonus- It’s arrival kept the kids busy for at least three days while we assembled and filled it!)
With two of my brothers – Raphael – who iives in Israel and Benzion. I went to NY for a nephews Bar Mitzvah and landed up stuck on the highway. I never did make it to the Bar Mitzvah but we did get to ride in two two trucks and met some very special people who helped us.
On our NY trip – getting treated to Ice cream by the grandparents.
Nesham and Yehuda Moshe with their Zaidy ( my father)
hadassa yearbook 2
Hadassa’s yearbook picture! She had mono for four months and needed to take her picture at home, herself. She looks so lovely!
My parents – they came for a visit ( a very rare and special occasion.) I’m going to see them this Sunday.
hebrew class
I’ve been giving a Hebrew class online every Sunday night at at 9:00pm. It’s a lot of fun and usually a little crazy. I hope ppl are learning something – but even f they’re not , its exciting to have so many ppl from all around the world online at once! A friend made this collage as I was preparing for the class and Batya was getting me some water.
Life Coaching Team
Our Coaching is up and running! Thank Hashem, this work is amazing. If you havent booked a session yet ( men with my husband, ladies with myself) go for it! It’s FREE and I can’t wait to meet you.
new logo
Woo hoo! Our new logo- Shining a light on who you are, illuminating possibilities. We liked a candelabra because we are coming fro the same place but have two different expressions. Also, it’s steady and coaching is a commitment that we make to your transformation. Thanks Miriam Sebag for your great graphics work!








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