By Rivka Perlman

August 22, 2012

Elul! A Word For the Women!

I love getting together women.


Sometimes I can’t stand it.

Women are so deep, we’ve got this secret sister language. We have so much in common that’s universal and I’ve heard that just having women together is in itself a holy occasion.

On the other hand, sometimes I hate it. That’s when we get too heavy. Too serious. It’s like we’re so connected that we can have a hard time breaking away from the search for truth in order to enjoy a deeper truth – that fun and laughter nourish the soul.

There I go agian! Getting deep! I should have just written FUN IS GOOD. FUN IS HEALTHY.

The truth is that we women, religious and not religious are all spiritual beings. We all have a wellspring of yearning and goodness inside of us. And as often happens, our strength is also our area of challenge. We can tap into the yearning so much that we forget who we already are.

We are wonderful, beautiful creatures of compassion and light and goodness.

Have a wonderful Day 4 of Elul. You’re doing so great! This is not about perfection. Not even close to perfection.

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