By Rivka Perlman

August 29, 2012

Elul Day 12 – Imperfect is the New Perfect

It’s only because you’re my good friends that I can put up a post that is just … a post.

Once a while ago I went to  a birthday party and the woman who’s birthday it was gave me a blessing; “May you be able to bring together your ruchinius and your gashmius.” Meaning your spirituality and your physicality.

On a person’s birthday their energy is particularly strong and so I thought to myself, “this must be a tailor made blessing and she sees that I’m really deficient in this area. Which was pretty bad, because I had no idea what she even meant!”

When I was making this video today, her words came back to me and I understood what she meant. It’s all from Hashem, every little test and annoyance; every  dish and sock, every meeting and Doctor’s appointment. Every bad hair day and stomache ache and every birthday party and every good bye.

Like my sister Tova says, “Life is really lifey!”

We’ve got to just give ourselves a little shake every once in a while and remind oursleves of reality. We’re being cared for by our loving Creator. He’s by our side every second and He’s looking out for us. And we’re not in a contest.

Life is a colorful, adventurous, heart tugging, exhausting, exhilerating, confusing,  amusing drama. And every bit of it is delicious. We’ve just got to connect the dots. Nothing just is. Everything is an opportunity.

The thing is, we spend alot of effort trying to get it right. trying to get it all done. And trying to be perfect. Ok, we may say “I’m not perfect.” But deep in our hearts we may want to be.

My  motto: Imperfect is the new perfect.”




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