By Rivka Perlman

August 23, 2012

Elul! Day 5! Self Discipline for Lazy People

Vagabond Steve is like a good kick in the pants! Good, becauseĀ he doesn’t really hurt butĀ he sure gets you moving!

I wouldn’t usually put up such a long video, so I listened to the whole thing before I posted it. I would suggest listening to just ten minutes, and if you really want to, hear the rest (15 more minutes) another time. But in the first ten minutes he says so much – it’s really enough to get you going.

Think , as you listen where this applies in your life. Try to break down what he’s saying into examples that matter to you. A lot of what he said made me think about my friends who are making proactive choices to being more Jewish observance into their life. These are really great tips!

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