One fine day in January a video began circulating on Whatsapp promoting a Unity event. “Sisters, it said “We must gather together! Feb 26! Be there!”
There was only one catch. That video was from 2012! ( Watch video until the end!)
The video was forwarded from chat to chat and the women got excited. Before we knew it, emails and messages were flying! “We want to join! We want to make an event in our community! We want to live stream that event.”
There was only one problem, the event had already happened 7 years ago!
But the yearning of the women was tangible, sincere and intense. It became clear there WOULD be an event. This was the work of The Master Planner.

But not just any event. This would be a worldwide grass roots happening with live events happening everywhere bringing our hearts together unifying our message “Hashem, we stand here together we only want You!”

There would be music and singing and praise and love in anticipation of Hashem’s salvation.

Two Weeks Prior…

Rivka Malka recorded a video that she did not put out. It was a soul message bigger than herself and she was overwhelmed at the thought of sharing it.
When the idea of a Feb 26 gathering came to life, she surrendered and clicked publish.
Like a giant tsunami the women rose and responded. As you watch it you will see how The Great Geula Gathering was exactly what she was talking about without even knowing what she was saying.
In fact, this dream for unity had been on the lips and hearts of women worldwide and it turned out that hundreds of women were poised and ready to jump into action on this dream that they had been nurturing.
Its the prayers of these women and their dreams of Redemption that made Geula Gathering and overnight movement.

Where we are now.

Women everywhere have galvanized into action with a speed that can make your head spin. We are literally breathless with urgency, excitement and anticipation. From Montreal to Moscow, Chicago to Switzerland, Iowa to Uman, Geula Gatherings have released the wellspring of Emunah, faith in the hearts of women.
This needs all of us.

This is an awakening that belongs to any woman who has ever yearned for Geula and to the whole of Jewish people. This first Geula Gathering is ushering in an new era gathering for the Jewish women, the Jewish people and the whole world. Redemption is imminent and we are all getting ready!

Here is what is happening:

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Geula Gathering is the result of the Nedivas Lev, generous gifts of the heart, from the hundreds of women who are working on this project. There are DJ’s and artists, designers and organizers, speakers and writers, social media managers and musicians. This entire site and every ounce of this project is the combined volunteer effort of all who want to participate. What we have in common is our love for Hashem and our yearning for Geula.

Please join and share your gifts!

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