You can make a Geula Gathering wherever you are! It’s simple!

Here are some guidelines to help you get started.

  1. Choose a venue
  2. Register you event
  3. Advertise – (click here to get access to flyer templates)
  4. Plan your event

It’s really easy

We can provide you with audio visual entertainment and inspiration, music, prayer cards, as well as ideas and guidelines for the event. Or you can customize the event to your own needs.

What does a Geula Gathering look like?

In every community a Geula Gathering will look slightly different. However, here are some guidelines that we request you follow:

Multiple greeters at the door so each person feels welcomed and seen.

Music should be on to welcome people as they come in.

Experiential – Not a series of lectures. We daven/pray together.

The event is free – it does not cost money to come.

Wherever possible Inclusive of all ages ( or age 12 and up)

You may choose to have audiovisual equipment for a video that we will send out.

All programs should include singing as an important part of the evening. This is the language of the soul.

Participants Contact Info – please collect participant contact info so we join in more unifying events. Our dream is to gather in tens of thousands!

Geula themed. No other agenda. We want Moshiach now! We yearn for You, Hashem!


When you make a Geula Gathering you are joining with women everywhere who are rolling up their sleeves to work for Hashem.

You are not alone. We are here to support you.

Once you register your event you will be on the list to receive tools and resources that will help make your event incredible.

  • Playlists
  • a Geula video
  • a musical sing along video
  • follow up tools
  • tambourine ordering and more.

Since everything is happening so fast, just one month from the conception to the event, don’t expect to receive everything immediately. As soon as we have material, you will receive it. Your job is to register your event, so we have your contact information.

You are invited to join the Geula Now! Whatsapp chat.

Click Here to join the WhatsApp group.

We are producing a moving Geula video to enhance your event.

Here are some additional things I’ve emailed the organizers of The Geula Gatherings (3 seperate emails):

Dear GEMS ( Geula and Emuna Sisters),

Thank you for all that you have done to get ready for this incredible night in Klal Yisroel.

This email is meant to support you as you take on this important leadership role for Hashem.

It will contain a lot of information. Please read it carefully. We are entrusting you with carrying out an event that has never been seen before in the history of the universe and every detail matters.

Lets’ begin!

Tefilla/ Prayer: Most important to the tefilla is that it comes from the heart. If any of the following suggestions don’t work for your community ( and will make people feel ostracized) please make adjustments accordingly.


Nishmas all together

The Tefilla L’Geula Booklet. This has a specific prayer for Geula and specific Tehillim that were recommended for this sort of gathering. I will be sending you that booklet so you can print it. Please contact Zahava Farbman ( I will send her details with the booklet) if you will be printing it professionally. She would like to donate $100 towards your costs. WOW. ( Otherwise you can simply print it on a computer.)

Tehillim: Reb Chaim Kanievsky said ( in direct response to how should the women pray) that we should EACH say Tehillim 10 times. As in, each woman. This does not have to be done at the event ( that would be a very long event!) However you may choose to introduce this idea and begin Tehillim from the beginning with the women. Reb Chaim explained that we should break it up as is manageable ( as in 3 perakim a day) over the coming months. Since this was a direct question to him, with a follow up question to get utmost clarity I’d like to take this very seriously. Hashem knows the power of Tehillim and He wants His women to use it!

Emails: Through these events we are gathering an army of women for Hashem. It is very important that we get everyone’s emails. This is only the first gathering! Hashem has even bigger things in store for us. PLEASE have Ipad’s ready to register people.

All they need to do is to enter their email on the home page of Geula Gathering. It’s super easy. You can do this at the door ( BEST) or you can walk around with an Ipad. I would recommend having a registration table at the door. You can get emails and give people whatever printed material you want.

We have all worked so hard for this, please, please don’t let this ball drop. This is how we will nurture the light we are creating.

Donations: Please invite everyone to donate even a $10 sum on This is not a door fee or suggested donation. This is just all the hearts wanting to build and give to what is to come.

You can do this from the stage or at the registration desk. By giving tzedaka they are being mishtateph ( spiritually partnering) with this great force for Geula.

Videos and Pictures: Please take generous video footage and pictures. We will be putting together a video with footage from all your events around the world. This will not be close ups of any women who don’t want to be in it. This will be footage of large crowds davening.

Thanks to the tremendous effort of Frank and Danielle Sara Storch on May 16 Rabbi YY Jacobson will be live in Baltimore speaking to the women about Geula. This event will be streaming all around the globe with this video as the intro. We want to see you represented! After your event we will contact you to get that footage.

Security: You must let the police department in your area know that is going on. Please request extra patrol the night of your event. Please also take every security measure that you can. Chaverim, Hired Security etc. If you need help with this contact [email protected]

The Video Montage – Yemima Mizrachi: The long awaited video montage is still being waited for ( like moshiach) as we are still putting the pieces together. I plan to film my part tomorrow. Not to worry, you WILL get it before the event. IH. I think it will be between 15 – 20 minutes.

Shabbos Clothes: We encourage everyone to wear Shabbos clothes as befits this great occasion. Shabbos clothes carry the scent of Shabbos and will help to elevate our bodies and our experience.

Follow Up: We will have unity and inspiration and our davening will ascend IH. What is next in our service of Hashem?

There are a few options you can offer people.

Ner Echad. Ner Echad is charity organization that makes an automatic weekly withdrawal at the time of candle lighting. This unites every women who lights candles for Shabbos all around the world. We’re excited to partner with Ner Echad because we were told that Shabbos and Geula go hand in hand. This is a powerful and eternal bond. Please encourage your participants to sign up. I will be sending you an email with the Ner Echad info.

40 Days of Closeness to Hashem. This is a 40 day program where you receive a daily meditation as well as a short but impactful clip on closeness to Hashem. I will send you info on how to access that.

Guided Geula Growth with Rivka Malka. Receive weekly videos with direct messages about Geula and our work to ready ourselves. Subscribe to Rivka Malka on YouTube or on Torah Anytime. We are doing Teshuva and healing from the inside out.

Tehillim. As mentioned, this is a specific instruction from Reb Chaim. Please encourage and promote the saying of Tehillim. Klal Yisroel needs it! We can do it!

1. Video. We do not need a lot of video footage. Just a a few great clips. Please do NOT have a male photographer or videographer at this sacred women’s tefilla event.

2. The forces are hard at work, trying to mix us up! There has been some more confusion about tzedaka collecting. We have advertised a free event and we do not want to veer from that or distract in any other direction. Whatever else you have been told or requested, please disregard it.

Bottom line – We are not collecting Tzedaka at this event. We are only inviting people if they want the zechus of sharing in the continuity of this movement and this energy to donate to geulagathering. That button is on the home page. It’s an invitation, a privilege. That is all.

3. You are invited to attend a Pre Geula Event Chizuk gathering on Zoom Sunday at 2:30 pm
We will be having a virtual group hug!
Everyone ( event leaders and anyone else who is involved or anyone who wants to be there) is invited! Please save this in your calendar.
Rivka Malka

Rivka Malka Perlman is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Pre Geula Gathering Chizuk Get Together
Time: Feb 24, 2019 2:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

One tap mobile
+16465588656,,846895463# US (New York)
+16699006833,,846895463# US (San Jose)

Dial by your location
+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
Meeting ID: 846 895 463
Find your local number:

Below are five addendums to the previous email.

1. If you are printing the Moshiach booklet you MUST include all the pages ( including the Soul Sister page etc.) If you would like to take Zahava up on her offer of $100 towards the printing, please email her at [email protected]

2. Shabbos – I got a message from Rav Weinberger emphasizing the importance of connecting this event to Shabbos. As we know Shabbos is the Mekor Habracha. This was a very strong awareness that he received as he was davening at Kever Rochel.

This means:
1. Promoting and connecting to Ner Echad is right on target and everyone should do so.

2. For the Shabbos following this event he encourages everyone to daven with greater intensity for the Geula at candle lighting. Geula for each other our families and Geula for the world, ( This is a great example of why those emails are so important. We need to be able to send out reminders and chizuk.)

3. Please join the Shabbos Queen Project. There you will receive daily messages opening you up to your inner malchus as you prepare to greet Shabbos. The message seep deep into your bones with gentle and uplifting words. I would really like all the leaders to join it and to share it with your group chat.

3. Donations. I had sent the draft of the email that you received yesterday to Rav Weinberger to look it over. The entire message was approved. This means that the idea of inviting he who wants to give from his heart ( no pressure, no agenda, just an invitation) is correct should absolutely be done.

However, this morning I also spoke to my personal Rav who mentioned to me that the $10 suggestion seemed off in my language. That to put any physical number to such a sublime experience could cheapen it.
Therefore please receive my message in the way it was intended. A simple invitation for those who are moved to have a share in the continuity of this movement.

I understand that through some very good intentions there was a request of donations on my behalf. It was the result of a misunderstanding. Although that was very very kind, please disregard it. Please also don’t judge the one who sent it. Everyone is literally working for Hashem and we are each trying our absolute best.

4. There are more resources than the ones I sent you. Ex Geula coloring pages that are incredible. Ex. A recording a Yachid Ram, a song brought through Ruach Hakodesh through the Baba Sali that was recorded just for this event.
I don’t think it would be wise to overwhelm you with all of these resources. IH they will be posted on The Geula Gathering Facebook page

5. As we come into the home stretch of this event expect to be tested. Also expect to be victorious. We are being stretched on every way to be more compassionate, more holy, more strong, more unified. Hashem is giving us a workout. Whatever happens in these final days DO NOT WORRY.
This is just like the river that was placed before Avraham Avinu on the way to the Akeida. The Satan put it there so he would think there was an obstacle. As he entered the river, it disappeared. Hashem wants us to succeed. And though you may find yourself tested in your personal life, in your emotional life, in your organizing this event, don’t despair Just say Thank you Hashem for bringing me close to You. I need you and I thank you for everything you are bringing me, Onward I go!

Love, Rivka Malka

How do I know if there is already an event in my city?

Check out the page Find a Geula Gathering to find out.

What if I live in a large community? Should I make two events?

Our goal is unity. That being said, please feel free to do whatever is most practical for your situation.

What should I do at the event? Do you have a suggested program?

While every program is different, you can download our Program Idea Guide Here

Who is in charge of this?

This project is being carried by the hearts of the Jewish women. The contact person for the event is Rivka Malka. You can contact Rivka Malka here.

Are there any haskamos?

Yes! here is a quote from Reb Reuven Feinstein:
“It is with great pleasure that I give a bracha to the nashim who are uniting their efforts to bring nachas to Hashem with Geula Gatherings. These tefillos for Geula from the pure yearning hearts of the Nashim are invaluable to Klal Yisroel and I give them a bracha for hatzlocha in their endeavours”

Click her to read the haskama of Rav Shmuel Rabinowitz (Rav of the Kotel.)

We are also partners with Ner Echad a project of Reb Chaim Kanievsky.

What is the goal of this? Do you think you will bring Geula through making an event?

Our goal is to express and display our yearning and expectation that Hashem will bring the Geula! We are not in charge of bringing Geula, Hashem is. What we are in charge of is our prayers and action. By gathering for Geula we are showing Hashem that we are standing “like one man, with one heart” as we did at Har Sinai. We are incresing our merits and cleansing our hearts. We are uniting in our yearning for Geula Now!
This surely will be noted in Heaven.

Why is song and dance a part of this?

Music is the language of the soul. IT moves us in ways that words alone can’t.
Dancing is an expression of Life. It says that when you dance you are mimicking angels ( who don’t have feet) by lifting your feet off the ground. It is as if you are saying “Hashem, take me higher! I want to ascend to You in closeness!” Dancing is also a uniquely feminine expression of joy. By showing joy we are saying “Hashem, we know it looks like we are in Golus (exile) but we believe it’s going to be over soon! We trust in your kindness and miracles. We trust in your salvation! We have not given up hope! We want You more than ever!”

Geula Gathering is the result of the Nedivas Lev, generous gifts of the heart, from the hundreds of women who are working on this project. There are DJ’s and artists, designers and organizers, speakers and writers, social media managers and musicians. This entire site and every ounce of this project is the combined volunteer effort of all who want to participate. What we have in common is our love for Hashem and our yearning for Geula.

Please join and share your gifts!