Words G-d Might Want Us to Hear

This video recording is a tiny taste of G-d’s love for us. To so many people, it seems unbelievable.

Could it be? Could I really be intrinsically worthy and beloved?

We are bred to feel awful about ourselves. 

It is Hashem’s great desire, as evidenced in the sources below that we know of His love, that we connect with Him. That even our fear/awe of Him is because of the loving relationship we have with Him. Coming to Hashem in this way is a journey. It is the undoing of decades of programming that tell you you are not enough, not loved or not anything special. But you are. You truly are. I invite you to listen in and to notice how it feels to be unconditionally loved. Then, when the video is over, you can sit for a minute, look around and notice, what would it feel like to always know that this love is streaming into you. How would life be different?

Since this topic is SO important. I have provided you with many many sources that underscore this idea. It’s critical that we know that this is not a feel-good exercise. It’s the core of Emunah/belief in Hashem, that everything He does for us is from His Great Love for us. Enjoy and please take it in: 

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Torah sources for the above message about G-d’s Love

  1. Morning blessings:
    “My G-d, the soul You placed within me is pure…”
  2. Sefer Shaarei HaAvodah (attributed to Rabbenu Yona)
    “The first opportunity of growth lies in one knowing his self worth, recognizing his exaltedness and the exaltedness of his forefathers, their greatness, importance, and dearness to the creator and one should constantly make efforts and strengthen himself in pursuit of achieving this awareness and he should speak to his soul saying “ The creator has blown into my nostrils a living soul, wisdom of heart, and the gift of reason… a great and important person like me today, who possesses such good, sublime and exalted qualities and especially someone like me who is the son of great ones and the descendent of ancient kings- how could I do the wrong thing”
  3.  Pirkei Avos 3:18:
    Beloved is man, for he was created in G-d’s image…Beloved are the people of Israel, for they are called children of the Almighty…”
  4. From Shema:
    “With an abundant love have You loved us, Hashem, our G-d…”
  5. Pirkei Avos 3:18:
    “…Beloved are the people of Israel, for a cherished utensil was given to them”
  6. Morning blessings:
    ”Mode Ani- I gratefully thank You, O living and eternal King, for You have returned my soul within me with compassion- abundant is Your faith in me!
  7. Hashem rigged our life in our favor. He wants us to succeed. Talmud
    “Open for me the opening of an eye of a needle and I will open for you the opening of a grand hall”
  8. “For this matter is very close to you- in your mouth and in your heart/mind to do..”
  9. Ramchal, Derech Eitz Chaim:
    ”Why don’t we remind ourselves even for an hour of this concept, to think seriously who are we and why did we come to the world? Or what does the King of all kings The Holy One Blessed Be He, want of us? And what will be in the end of our lives? This is the most powerful medicine that we can take to protect us from the Yetzer, and it is easy, extremely effective, and produces tremendous fruit. A person should set aside an hour a day at least, free of all other thoughts, to think just about the matter I mentioned and search in his heart what did the early sages, fathers of mankind, do that made Hashem desire them so much? what did Moshe Rabeinu do? What did Dovid Hamelech, Moshiach Hashem, do? And all the Gedolim who came before him? The it will occur to us: it will be good for us to follow in the footsteps of these Gedolim and do the same and that will be good for us. Then our minds will search out whether our lives are following the same paths followed by great ones of previous generations or not… The general principle is: A person who fails to think about these things will have a difficult time ever achieving perfection, and a person who does think about these things is very VERY close to achieving perfection”
  10. The secret of personal redemption and the redemption of our entire people (Nesivos Sholom part 1 article 2):
    “…Our Sages alluded to this when they said: “in the merit of Emuna(trust) our forefathers were redeemed (from Egypt) and in the merit of Emuna they will be redeemed in the future”…with the Emuna in G-d and with the trust that they are the chosen nation, “my first born Israel” … that no matter where a person is holding spiritually or how undeserving they might be, even after they transgressed, they are exceedingly beloved to G-d. …The trust that G-d is directing their journey only with infinite wisdom, mercy and compassion and that G-d views each person as beloved, possessing infinite worth by virtue of being His exalted & precious child, awakens more compassionate guidance from above…this kind of trust can actually draw forth a salvation that we don’t deservethis is the secret of redemption of each individual and of our entire nation

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“He said, “I forgive you, my friend, for you are lovely in deed and lovely in resolve.”

Shir Hashirim Song of Songs Chapter 1 Verse 15

“Behold, you are lovely, your very appearance radiates dovelike constancy.”

Shir Hashirim Song of Songs Chapter 4, verse 1

But with all your flaws, the most common of your sons are as dearly beloved as the children of Jacob

Shir Hashirim Song of Songs Chapter 7 Verse 5

“Behold! G-d is my salvation! I shall trust and not fear!”


“We shall thank You and relate Your praise - for our lives which are commited to Your power and for our souls that are entrusted to You: for Your miracles that are with us every day….”

Daily prayers – Shemonah Esrai – Modim

“… You have brought us close to Your great Name forever in truth, to offer praiseful thanks to You and proclaim your Oneness with love.”

Blessings before Shema in the daily davening

“Many waters of heathen tribulation cannot extinguish the fire of this love, nor rivers of royal seduction or torture wash it away.”

Shir Hashirim Song of Songs Chapter 8 Verse 7

With an abundant love You have loved us, Hashem, our God. With an exceedingly great pity, you have pitied us.

Blessings before Shema in the daily davening

Duties of the Heart, the Gate of Trust/ Chovos Halevavos, Shaar Habitachon:

A person who knows the following deeply will have true trust in G-d (Hashem), which means that they can be calm and peaceful when G-d’s good is revealed as well as when it is hidden, both in mind and body. They will give themselves over to G-d, embrace His decrees and judge favorably all of G-d’s judgments and actions.


G-d has infinite compassion and an endless, personal love for you.


G-d wants you to succeed {in fulfilling your unique mission in life- Alei Shor ch.12} and does not pause from personally overseeing your journey for even a second.


G-d has infinite power and nothing can prevent Him from continually bestowing His ultimate good and getting you where you really need to go, not even your own mistakes (however your choices can impact how the journey will feel)


G-d guides your journey with infinite wisdom and precision and knows what’s absolutely best for you given your mission and choices.


There is no other power. You are entirely under G-d’s care. Nothing and no one can take anything away from you or harm you. Nothing and no one can benefit you or protect you from harm except G-d.

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