By Rivka Perlman

September 14, 2014

Gold and Sequins and Rustic Rainbows


(Pictured here, Mommy in the orange shawl with 2 friends in Jerusalem)


I can’t just write about Mommy PRivka Malka wrapunzel,

The P is for Perlman

She gave me my name.

I can’t just tell stories

that will make your eyes shine and your heart soar

She wouldn’t like that.

Mommy likes the hidden world

and the hidden words

the unspoken messages of holiness and

empathy and permission to be

wrapped up in the olive dip and cashew spreadolive dip

offered with abundance at her table.

Mommy is an inventor.

She invented herself,

as the mother of 8 children

a woman on her own,

a healer, a helper,

and now, a hidden sage in the Old City of Jerusalem.

I met Mommy when I was just thirteen

I soaked her up.

She was new to me. IMG_8503

So much color-

her conversations were different

her scarves were different

and her son- HE was different.

So I fell in love with him

and only years later,

when we got married

did I get to call her Mommy.

There is so much you need to know

if you want to understand

even the tips of her toes

and so much you’ll never know.

But know this, those scarves you see

on my head

more than fabric, more than colors –

the striving for something authentic

that’s from her.

The daring to write the uncomfortable,

the permission to share the rawest of rawRivka Malk awrapunzel

that’s from her.

The castle of love my children grew up in

surrounded by aunts and uncles and cousins

that’s from her.

That was her vision

She carried it alone and now it carries on.

The scarves that Mommy wears

have multiplied over the years.

When I met her it was one, and now two or three.

Gold and sequins and rustic rainbows

Hidden in the layers of fabric is wisdom

pain and pleasure are tucked away in it’s folds

and secret prayers are whispered beneath

It takes a lot of scarves to hold a woman like this.

Rivka Malka wrapunzel









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