Call me a dreamer. I am that.

I dream of honesty And relationships that care safe enough to hold the messy and know it that as beautiful. I dream of people who walk around the world Seeing people, not just looking at them. I dream of healing. Powerful, trickle down to the bones healing. Iridescent, soul soothing healing.

I dream of reinstating joy, As a way of being, And prayer as a way of life, And love as our main food, Of personal power, a given.

I dream of banishing insecurity and shame And replacing it with self knowledge, confidence and worth. I dream of human who know they are Godly. And of a G-d who is known for His endless compassion on our humanity.

I dream of Redemption Where inner peace and world peace, Collide, coincide and create The Oneness and healing we crave. I’ve seen so many of these dreams come true.
For myself and for others.

Now I dream of Ambassadors.
Women who want to learn how to get there, to transform their own lives and those of others.

Won’t you please join our team?

We are Redemption Coaches and we are here to serve.

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