If you’ve read my old blog posts and or you’ve seen my How to Dress Modest Bohemian video you know that Dressing Your Truth changed my life.

It transformed me.

 You know ,everyone wants to look good. What if there was a way that you could know exactly what to buy, exactly what would look good on you, exactly which colors and fabrics would make your face glow and exactly how to find them?

That’ awesome, right?

When I was doing headwrapping work and traveling all around the US, I would watch faces light up as I dressed women in the colors most suited to their type. Sometimes the crowd would literally gasp in pleasure as I would choose the perfect scarf for each particular woman.

And I would always tell them “Ladies, go look up Dressing Your Truth. This is just the tip of the iceberg. You know how I know the perfect scarf for you?  Because I learned this fabulous information from Carol Tuttle.”

I would write Dressing Your Truth and Carol Tuttle on countless slips of paper. The pleasure that women got as being recognized for their own Beauty Type was priceless and I wanted them to have more of it.

There are not that many things that I stand behind 100% wholeheartedly – but I’ll admit I’m a total fangirl when it comes to DYT. 

In  our house discussing Energy Types is part of our daily vocabulary. We laugh at my TYPE 3SM-ness when I‘m jumping into a new project five seconds after thinking about it and we have compassion when my TYPE 4SM daughter needs quiet and the house is going nuts.  We are so into our Energy Types that it’s actually been a great source of fun and bonding for me and my girls.

Before = Nice After = Richly dressed in my own personal expression - Way better! Even my smile is brighter!

Before = Nice
After = Richly dressed in my own personal expression – Way better! Even my smile is brighter!

We shop for each other looking out for clothing that is each other’s types and finally know what looks good on each of us. No more shopping confusion. Trust me – this is a BIG deal with teenage girls. We don’t even go near something if it’s not our type – We would we?  It just doesn’t look as good.

We also have patience with each other in a whole new way. This one gets a little too uptight (Oh, I get it, its part of being her Type!) We’re less judgmental and more understanding.  Not only of each other but with the people we encounter.

As far as dressing goes – I still shop mostly at the Thrift Shop ( that’s where the treasures are hidden) and instead of coming home with bags of things I may or may not wear I zero in on clothing that are my Type and walk out happy and with items that actually look good on me.

On the other hand if I’m in a regular retail store and something is incredible – just my Type and modest I’ll buy it too – guilt free, knowing that it’s something that will make me feel great every single time I wear it.

If you don’t know your Beauty Type yet, today is your lucky day – Carol is offering her Online Beauty Profiling course for FREE for my readers. You’re going to have so much fun when you find out your Beauty Type. It’s liberating – awesomikating ( new word) and this cool, inside out journey of self discovery that gives you a whole new set of tools.

Just one thing  before you click –  I want to hear EVERYTHING! What Type of Beauty are you? Did it surprise you? How do you feel? This is so much fun! Just click below and you’ll find out!

If you’re already into DYT  I would love to here about your before and after’s!