Fear. It seems like no matter how many things I accomplish, I still face fear. Even in the things that are easy for me there is an element of fear that, as I discovered in the video below, smashes my efforts. I discovered that even a small element of quiet fear can sabotage you. the opposite is true as well. Even a small measure of confidence in your
vision can make it come true.


I posted this video on YouTube and here were some of the comments: “Hello Rivka! Thank you so much for this message, it seriously couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m about to start a new project of change this week at work and this was so encouraging. May you be blessed in all you do.”   Another wrote: ” G-d spoke to me through you!”

PLUS – the story of how I met and interviewed Carol Tuttle from Dressing your Truth!


Watch this video and ask yourself:  How does fear impact my life?


[Video Inside]