How to Have
The Romance of a Lifetime

An online course filled with practical and intuitive guidance on nurturing your marriage so it stays fresh, connected and alive.

Who You Are

You are a married woman with a yearning to have a deeper, happier marriage. Maybe things are more or less okay but you want more. You want to feel full in your relationship, feel heard and seen and you want to know that things will get better, not worse.

Why This Course

This little course is so important because of its practicality and woman’s wisdom. Many potentially great marriages are ruined because people simply do not know what marriage is and how to keep it alive with life’s complexities.
It is possible to build a rock solid marriage, fall in love and stay in love.

The 4 Commitments

The ideas in this course are divided into the 4 Commitments. Building a truly connected relationship has 4 components. So often we focus on one (like communication), and leave out the others.
If you want to be like ships in the night, raising kids and drifting into misunderstanding, you may. But if you want to have something beautiful, investing in the 4 Commitments will get you there.

Healing Through Marriage

This course is based on the premise that your spouse is the person G-d has specifically chosen for you to journey with for your own soul’s benefit.
This means that not only is this about treating a spouse nicely, it is about opening to the possibility of healing past hurts by doing the work in your relationship.
The paradigm that you will learn will offer you a powerful perspective that will turn the lens on you and empower you to soften, trust and create healthy intimacy.


Along with the 4 commitments, this course comes with 2 vital video lessons:
1) “Intimacy – Perspectives and Advice”
2) “A Woman to Woman Talk with Rivka Malka”


Every class comes with coaching questions for you to ask yourself and/or write about as you learn.
You’ll get tremendous insight and growth through the coaching!

Rivka Malka has helped me understand that growth and communication in marriage takes time, hard work and a whole lot of patience. This course empowers me to bring goodness to my marriage, allowing me to embrace all that comes my way.

Rivka Malka has helped me so much with my marriage. She has an incredible way of coaching me to find my inner self and to work to bring my better self to the marriage. She has also opened me up to my own strength and power as a woman in the relationship so that my husband and I can communicate effectively. I am indebted to a Rivka Malka for helping me and empowering me in my marriage. Thank you so much!
Dr Chaya Bina Samuels

Rivka Malka helped me to find my true self, my purpose and uncover my true passions again so I now focus on making myself happy instead of relying on my husband to meet all of my needs. Our marriage is now amazing! Rivka Malka is incredible, wise, powerful, insightful, caring, loving, honest, and the perfect person to be teaching this material.
Rachel H.

Dear Friends,

I made this course because I was sad. I looked around and saw so many women suffering in their marriages and I know I needed to offer help. When we get married we are full of dreams. Those dreams never go away, we just don’t always know how to make them come true.

My prayer is that this course will give you new ideas and in the friendliest way offer you a chance to look at what you can do to be closer to your husband and closer to the wife you want to be. An online course is not a substitute for personal coaching but it is a wonderful place to start.

Love, Rivka Malka