By Rivka Perlman

January 20, 2017

How to NOT Treat a Man

You are powerful, but do you know how to use that power?

As a woman, you are constantly figuring out, building up, or breaking down relationships. You’re working hard to be vulnerable but not needy, to make life move without being controlling, and to give while also receiving. And when you feel that you’re getting nowhere, one of two things is true: either you’re not being real with yourself and the relationship, or you don’t know what the other person really needs.

It’s a sad fact to face, but 83% of couples are unhappy. They’re worn out, depressed, dis-empowered. They don’t know how to access their own power.

“When is comes to marriage, women are the catalyzing force for the nature of their relationship with their husbands.”

She puts pen to paper and then, together, they draw the dynamics of their relationship.

What this video is about:

In this video, you’ll discover how women unintentionally hurt their men and hurt themselves, and how we can change things so so relationships will thrive.

I have a treat for you too! This video has a special appearance from Rabbi Benzion Klatzko! Click here to watch and discover what you’re missing out on in your marriage!

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