By Rivka Perlman

June 11, 2012

How to Organize your Tichels


I’m still figuring this one out. So far my tichels are in two baskets and are a big colorful mess. Like Jessi, I go through them pretty often to weed out the ones I never ended up wearing. I’m starting¬†to get the hang of what I really like though, and that’s because of¬† the Dressing Your Truth system that I love.

I know I should have a rod or something else b/c its starting to feel a little silly sifting through the fabrics everyday.

I love Jessi’s idea though because it doubles up on bringing warmth and color, not only to your personal style, but to your environment.

It reminds me of that earring trick. Buy a pretty second hand lamp and use the shade to hook your earrings into. Viola! A gorgeous lamp! And organized earrings too.

Anyway, last week, it was confirmed that I’m addicted to tichels. 7:30 am at Walgreens and I fell in love with this tichel they had there.( Gorgeous, by the way,¬†I think I’ll show it in an upcoming video) Walgreens is catching on!

For my friends out there who feel like they can’t find tichels where they live; Stop thinking tichels, start thinking scarves.

Scarves are everywhere! I was in the Sheraton Hotel yesterday and there, in the gift shop were… tichels (I restrained myself!) The other week I was in the airport, totally tichel central.

If you live in¬†a hot part of the country and they have less scarves, then go online ot Old Navy or Target and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Have a great day! Rivka Malka

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