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inner child seminar

Go as deep as you need
to find the freedom you seek.

Feb 4-6 2019 in The Five Towns

Learn how to reclaim the parts of yourself that were lost.
Get tools that will give you help you be present in relationships
Break through your inner stories
Go Deep. Get Real. Find Joy

You want JOY.

You need an experience that will untangle the the inner programs that hurt you and will bring you back to wholeness.

An experience that involves ALL the senses.

A space where your child self has a chance to be heard, to play and to heal – so you can start your life again.

Who Are You?
You are a woman on a healing journey.
You want to be free from inner blockages.
You don’t want something superficial.
You know where you need to work, you just don’t know how to do the work.
You want a connection with Hashem that is loving, present and alive.
You know that this work is what will help you get there.

What is this Seminar About?

The Inner Child Seminar is an educational and experiential healing program

  • Learn how to be with the child, hold the child, parent the child.
  • Learn how to recognize which patterns are being triggered and how to self heal.
  • Deep inner work augmented by creative and playful sessions.
  • Topics covered include intimacy, marriage, trauma, trust, self love, boundaries, centering, parenting, forgiveness, Relationship with G-d, shame, self worth, financial success or lack of and releasing energetic and generational blocks

What is Inner Child Work?

Inner child work is the healing work of releasing the trauma stored in our bodies. Every experience you ever had left its imprint. When an event was particularly disruptive it created a physiological response. This response is triggered in your present life causing you to spiral back or have reactions that are not the ones you want. The young story is alive and kicking making you feel threatened, defenseless or alone, even when you are not. Unhealed stories are powerful and ultimately, they run your life, hurting your most intimate relationships. In Inner child Work we learn how to work with those memories and the energetic imprint that they left so that we can find freedom and truly live in the gift of the present.

You will meet the child, be the child,hold the child and parent the child – teaching her about forgiveness, her holiness, her value and giving her permission to trust people and life.

How is this Seminar Different Than a Healing Retreat?

In many ways this seminar is a healing Retreat. However, the two events are run very differently. The Redemption Healing Retreat is aimed at facilitating your personal healing through multiple modalities. Rivka Malka is the lead facilitator for that program. You are actually being coached and led through a healing process.
The Inner Child Seminar first begins with an educational component. We teach you about trauma and help you to become aware of its effect on your body. The work is deep and intense and you will be learning the techniques to self heal.
Learning, witnessing, experiencing and watching the parts of yourself that are different ages is marvousouly freeing and will open your heart to a new way of being.
We will teach you about breathing, meditation, holding the child and accessing your Strongest Self whenever you need her. You will experience insight after insight about yourself and how you work in the world and break the patterns that are hurting you.
Both of these events radically change you. And both of these events will change your relationships.
We recommend that you attend both as they are completely different healing experiences.

Where does the Intensive take place?

The Inner child Seminar will be in the Five Towns. The exact location will be determined closer to the event date.

The dates are January 27-29 2019 in The Five Towns

How is the Seminar Different from the Inner Child Intensive?

The Inner Child Seminar is a local daytime program. It is designed to bring an education and experience that will radically change and affect your inner world. It is typically a large group.
Our coaches are there to guide, facilitate and teach. The Inner Inner Child Intensive is a 4 day, small group getaway retreat .

The Seminar is an important component of Redemption work making healing work local and accessible.

Do I need to be Jewish to join a Seminar?

No, you do not. All Redemption work is rooted in Judaism and is open to all spiritual seekers. If you are comfortable with that, we welcome you. Please note though, if for some reason we feel that the group dynamic won’t be safe for you, we will let you know and we will make alternate plans for your healing experience.

Is the Seminar emotionally safe?

Yes. Confidentiality and emotional safety are our top priorities. Work like this is tender and we take great care to keep it safe. You will be okay. Our coaches are gentle yet powerful in their ability to contain an experience.

What is the daily schedule?

We begin at 9:00 AM with coffee and a welcome start to our program. The formal learning begins at 9:30am.
The day ends at 5:30.

How will I prepare for the Seminar?

Before the seminar you will receive a questionnaire that will help us understand where you are coming from and what you want out of this experience.
When we receive your response we will customize a personal plan to get ready and open for the work.

What will I need to bring to the Seminar?

We provide everything you need for a comfortable experience. Bring clothes that are relaxing to you and shoes that are comfortable.
You may also want to bring crayons, markers or pens. The point is to go to the store and start treating your inner child right now! Does she love Crayola markers? Buy her some! Don’t overthink it. Stickers? Buy them! Say yes to her!

Can you tell me about the group dynamic?

Yes. The group dynamic is warm, connected and expressive. The group itself is part of the healing. However you do not have to share anything at all. Just learning and listening will move you to new insights and healing.

What is the follow up after the Seminar?

When you go home you will not only take this experience with you, it will live alive within you. You will want support as you experience your new self in your life. To hold you through the transition there will be a group coaching call where you can share your process and get feedback on it.

An important part of the follow up is the relationships you will have built during the Seminar. We encourage you to invest in these precious connections and to fuel your growth through these friendships.

What is the cost of the Seminar?

The cost of the intensive is 998 or two payments of 499.

What is the cancelation policy?

Due to planning that goes into the Intensive we are not able to offer refunds for cancellations. With the exception of true emergencies, once you are accepted into an Intensive and confirm that you are coming you are responsible for your space and the accompanying fee. Please keep this in mind to avoid any confusion. Should you decide to cancel, the only thing that we can offer you is a space on a future Intensive. However, we cannot guarantee that there will be a space available on a future intensive.

It sound amazing but I’m scared, what can you tell me?

What you are doing is HUGE – it’s monumental.The fear is normal. Remind yourself that this is direct from Hashem and that He wants everything good for you. You are taking care of yourself and in doing so taking care of your most precious relationships. This is the work of Redemption.

More questions?

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Was it really just 3 days? It felt like more. Time stood still. What happened to me at this Retreat is something that I am still digesting. It is surreal. All I can tell you is that my family can see the difference – and I feel great!

I was nervous to come to this but I knew I had to. I am so happy that I did. This Retreat brought me out of a 4 year slump and I am taking my life back!

I am so grateful that you brought this Retreat to our city. I am a private person and don’t usually go to these things. You made it welcoming and safe and I got what I was looking for.

I love that you gave each of us time. It was surprising to me. I was not expecting that level of personal attention. How can I thank you? I have no words.

I remember when I was young and I had this connection to Hashem that was real and unshakable. I haven’t been able to access that for so many years. Thank you for bringing me back – and for my action plan. Now I know how to keep it up.

“Twenty years of therapy in 3 days! That’s what I told the person who asked me what changed about me.”

“At this Retreat I forgave myself. My life starts from here.”

“My life is pretty together. I’m not sure what led me here. Hashgacha Pratis, I guess. I had no idea what to expect. YOu helped me to see myself in an entirely new way and answered questions that I’ve had for years. I loved the learning segment as well as the experiential segment. I feel lucky to have joined. Now I want to recommend this to everyone I know!”


January 27-29 2019 in The Five Towns

Inner Child Seminar

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