By Rivka Perlman

May 22, 2015

Live Stream – Polishing Candlesticks with My Mother

I have special visitors this week! My parents, who live in Cleveland OH are here for Shabbos and Shavuos. My brother Ace and his family are also here. This is a huge treat.

As part of Live Judaism I decided to film us polishing the Shabbos candlesticks, something which I do way too infrequently. The bonus was that I actually got around to polishing them! The double bonus was that I got to bring my mother into my world.

My mother is a lady; gentle , refined, clear, compassionate and fun. ( I don’t know how fun fits into Lady, but it works on her.) She’s also made an art out of homemaking and cooking ( and giving.)

I  on the other hand  am engaged in a never ending battle between seeing housework as the nemisis to my creativity and the knowledge that it’s a positive expression of love for my family. Either way, it doesn’t go away!

Enjoy this totally candid Live Stream – it gets a little crazy somewhere in the middle. You’ll begin to wonder if we’ll even end up getting any work done!

It was a strangely special experience. Can you share a memory with me of a time when your mother was in your world? Thanks!

Click below to see the video


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