A Life Changing, Experiential, Soul Adventure for the Jewish Woman.

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Rewrite your Story. Discover your Life Mission. Go on a Healing Journey

What is The Redemption Retreat?

The Redemption Retreat is an intense, fun and affirming experience designed for the passionate, growth oriented woman to discover and clarify her Life Mission! It’s an adventure of self discovery and healing.

Our Goals

1. To help you supercharge your spiritual batteries.

2. To uncover the themes and stories that make up your life and understand how they can serve your Life Mission.

3. To guide you on a Healing Journey so you can grow more deeply into the woman you were meant to be.

4. To connect you to a community of REAL relationships that last far beyond the Retreat.

Your Life Mission

Ideas tug at us, family needs us, fear beckons us, but deepest of all is the question:
Who am I?
What is my Life Mission? What I meant to be doing next?

If you knew these answers you would be good to go. You could let go of conflict and move forward with clarity and energy.
The good news is that these answers are closer than you think. They are within you, impatiently waiting for you to listen.

How We’ll Get There

Prepare to laugh and cry! Leave your inhibitions at home and get ready to dive deep into new friendships and conversations. .
Through growth oriented workshops, lots of art, bold creativity and the song of nature you will you uncover and delight in revelation and clarity.
Its a rejuvenating, exhilarating, emotionally liberating, creatively stimulating, soul singing, gut wrenching experience.

The Destination

A room full of women brimming with clarity and purpose, shining with the appreciation of one another and themselves, energized to take their next steps.
It’s a launch pad for a Healing Journey. You’ll deepen your connection to the Almighty, to yourself and to a new group of friends. It’s extraordinary!

Upcoming Retreat: Oct 22 – 24 Montreal, Quebec

See what it’s like

Upcoming Retreat: Oct 22-24 Montreal, Quebec

What women are saying

Beyond inspiring, every woman regardless of background can gain so much. Worth every penny and so much more!


My first Redemption Retreat helped me get back the ‘umpf’ that taking care of a husband with brain cancer, two moves around the world and the loss of most of my worldly possessions took away ….. After three short days, I came back to my life with renewed vigor and the clarity that not only is this too from Hashem but that all that He has sent is a BRACHA! My friendships with the ladies from the Retreat has sustained my refreshed outlook! This retreat is definitely worth the time, money and effort it takes to get there!


I was anxious about signing up and decided to challenge myself to venture out of my comfort zone.
A room of strangers, well that was only the first 5 minutes or so.
It was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time.
No laundry, no dishes, days away from the usual routine. ! The programming, I had no idea what to expect, but it took me to my depths and out again.
I met amazing women, each one of them, amazing stories of courage, creativity, energy, all together, to live their best lives possible.
The strangers are now friends…..I recommend it.
I am ready for Reunion Retreat …………………….thank you to Rivka Malka and her amazing coaches…….it was amazing. Thank you.


A life changing experience. The redemption retreats that I have attended have taken me further on my journey towards healing and growth than I ever expected. I met amazing women and was challenged to see my life story with new eyes. I recommend this for all women!


Rivka Malka, This was the best retreat. Not only was it a relaxing and safe environment but it was a place to explore all sides of myself and to have fun making new friends. I can’t thank you enough!!!!

Chaya Bina Samuels

I totally didn’t know what to expect, and even one day in and I wasn’t sure I had made the right decision. But after the retreat ended, all I could think was “I need more!” I came home with a new, elevated respect and love for myself, my talents, and my time, not to mention so many amazing tools to succeed and achieve my goals. Rivka Malka’s energy is contagious, and she brought out the best in us all — even bumping me out of my introverted comfort zone. Thank you. Seriously. Thank you so much for this transformative experience.


Meet Our Team

Rivka Malka Perlman

Authenticity is my passion. I love realness. As the leader of The Redemption Retreat my goal is to create a space of self acceptance, joy and connection. Its my deep desire to see every single woman meet her soul face to face and be healed and empowered by its magnificence.
I’m here to hold your pain and pleasure, laughter and tears, in one breathe.
I am humbled by your trust in the Retreat and in me and I want you to have an incredible, life changing experience. I am a mom, a wife, a coach and a speaker. I am perfectly imperfect and I am here to serve you.

Hudy Abram

Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Hudy has been coaching women of all backgrounds for over a decade.
In her positions as outreach director, Rebbetzin, lecturer and teacher, Hudy has connected with scores of women and shared life transforming tools for how to live a meaningful and joyful Jewish life with balance.
Hudy’s passion is to empower women to uncover their unique gifts and light to shine on the world.
Utilizing her gift of clarity, Hudy has illuminated the way for them to discover their life purpose and the awesome possibilities available to them as they learn to live from that place.

Tzipora Harris

For over 20 years, Tzipora Harris has been exploring pathways for emotional wellbeing and spiritual growth. After completing a BA in psychology, she spent 4 years in Jerusalem learning from exceptional educators. She married Rabbi Henry Harris and joined the Aish HaTorah center in Manhattan to work in outreach for 12 years. Together with a team of committed women in Israel and the US she started the Ahavas Yisrael Project (www.ayproject.com). Over the years, Tzipora continued learning profound Jewish wisdom and deepening her relationship with G-d, and had the privilege to help Jewish women access greater clarity, inner peace and a deeper relationship with G-d through live seminars, online lectures, teleclasses and one on one counseling. Her classes can be found on www.Torahanytime.com

RT Schwebel

Hi, I’m RT Schwebel – M.S. in counseling psychology, Certified Coach & Instructor Candidate with Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company, and trained image consultant turned Dressing Your Truth devotee. I will call myself an Acceptance Coach as soon as I can accept it. I’m a recovering perfectionist, an inner space explorer, a barefoot-in-the-grass wanderer, a wannabe badass, and a contemplator of things huge and wondrous and tiny and weird and sensical and nonsensical. I am courageous and scared and imperfect…and God takes perfect care of me.

I want to be a Coach on the Redemption Retreat Coach!

The Redemption Retreat Team consists of talented, insightful coaches who support other women in their journey to healing and empowerment. If this sounds like a dream to you, click here to join us.

I want to be a Coach on the Redemption Retreat Coach!

The Redemption Retreat Team consists of talented, insightful coaches who support other women in their journey to healing and empowerment. If this sounds like a dream to you, click here to join us.

Upcoming Retreat: Oct 22- 24 Montreal, Quebec

Still have questions?

When is the next Retreat?

Please see above dates. Contact us (below) to bring a retreat to your city.

Is this a religious thing? What if I’m not religious?

Everyone is welcome – we need ALL kinds of people to make a Retreat awesome. Our message is rooted in Jewish spirituality and is open to seekers regardless of their level of Jewish observance. Many women come worried that they will be uncomfortable and are pleasantly surprised to find themselves right at home.
Note: This is for all kinds of Jews – we connect at the soul level. The wider the spectrum the better because we want to create a space of authenticity and that means we see each other for who we are. Its so exciting to give people the chance to look past labels and be just one soul appreciating another soul and learning from them.

How do I become a coach on the Retreat?

Besides for our core team, The Redemption Retreat has a growing staff of talented coaches who make the Retreat the incredible individualized experience that it is.
Coaching on the Retreat is one of the most fulfilling, growthful experiences there is. This is an opportunity to serve at the deepest level and effect profound change. ( Plus – being on the staff is FUN!)
To become a coach join The Redemption School for Coaching and Transformation. You’ll get the training to lead not only this retreat, but also to lead woman everywhere to transformation.

If I went on one Retreat, should I go on another?

No two retreats are the same. Though they have similar ingredients, the experience is entirely fresh and organic every time. Once you have been to one ,your receptivity to healing is heightened and the work is that much deeper.
Note – Previous participants are invited to attend at a reduced price.

What age is The Redemption Experience for?

The Experince is for ages 18 – 120. The inner work and deep connections we make transcend factors like ages. We find that having women in different life stages makes for a rich and varied experience.

What happens after the Experience? Is there a follow up?

YES! You become part of the Redemption community – A group of authentically growing empowered women. You’ll have the option of joining the WhatsApp group or FB group to continue the rich dialogue and new friendships. You’ll also be invited to group coaching calls and special classes offered to Experience members.

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