Personal Life Coaching For Women


Transformational Coaching is changing who you are to change what you do.

Our lives are not perfect. They are not neat and conflict free. They are a wild and wonderful and excruciating tangle of all the elements we need to grow. And in order to change what we do — have more impact on the world, be more effective leaders, experience healing and serenity – we’ll need to change who we are.
I call it walking through the fire.
Transformational Coaching is coaching beneath the surface. It helps you walk through the fire and supports you as you grow into the great leader you were meant to be. It cultivates your inner wisdom, helping you understand yourself, your purpose and the ways in which your situation is preparing you for the great future G-d has in mind for you. It comforts you in the NOW and carries you to the future.

The women who come to me are passionate about growth and self awareness. They are leaders — some in their office, some in their home and some of entire cities. They are emotionally healthy and creative and are big dreamers. They are generous and giving. Most of all they are committed to living lives of purpose.

Some of my clients like to call this a Healing Journey. Some just call it reinventing themselves.