Here’s the plan.

To give you support and encouragement as you articulate a vision and create a plan to see it through.
To nurture your latent strengths, believe in you and hold a wide open space for anything to happen.
To guide you towards healing, self – love and celebration of your life and strengths.

What is Coaching?

TLC, Transformation Life Coaching is changing who you are by changing what you do.

How does it work?

It challenges you to grow within your circumstance towards the great vision G-d has in mind for you.

What will you get?

Whether for your business or personal life, you will be on a fearless journey to find the answers that will affect the deepest change.

Where will it take you?

Some like to call it a Healing Journey. Some just call it total transformation.

Here’s What You’ll Get
Break Your Patterns
Uncover your blocks and process through the feelings that created them.
Change Your Relationships
As you change, so will your relationships. Discover the peace within yourself and watch the ripple effects as you gain skills and knowledge
Achieve Your Goals
Get accountability for the goals you set. Start producing like never before. Watch yourself take control of your life choices. Have a personal cheerleader!
Experience Self Love & Inner Peace
As you are compassionately supported for being you, you will experience an awakening of self love and acceptance.
Move Forward
Blast through fear or resistance and gain tools, knowledge and confidence to move your life forward.
Discover Your Life Mission
Become intimately aware of the unique nature of your gifts and how you are meant to serve in the world.
Coaching Works.

Coaching has been so incredible for me. We connect on Mondays and this really helps me focus for the upcoming week, as well as reflect on how I’d like to make changes or improve certain areas. Rivka Malka has an incredible listening ear and I truly value the clarity that she brings to whatever I happen to be working on at the moment.


You are a powerful and effective coach. I love how you bring Torah into each session. I love that you give us concrete exercises to do NOW, on the phone so we actually move ourselves forward. We discover new perspectives during the course, and learn about ourselves.


I had an awesome time with Rivka today discovering more about myself and my life’s mission. Great listener, the real deal. She gives excellent feedback. I’ve had plenty of “light bulb moments” with her in our time together. Very warm, easy to talk to. Gives you her undivided attention. I can tell that she truly cares about people and the work she does.


Thank you for the amazing Discover your Life mission coaching session. I have been looking for my life’s purposes and my unique talents for so many years. In just two short hours you genuinely understood me and were able to guide me toward my life’s true missions. You have a gift of clarity and understanding and have opened up so many doors for me. May you continue to help others to embrace their uniqueness and shine their special light in this world.


Dear Fellow Traveler,

I’m so glad you are here. Life is constantly changing and sometimes it’s hard to get your bearings. Wow, do I know what that’s like.

Here’s what I’ve learned: No matter what happens, with every change comes an opportunity. You can heal from your story and find new strength, wisdom and leadership.

It’s like you are a seed that’s decomposing, and when you will sprout you will be something new and even more beautiful.

I’m so happy for you that you are considering coaching. Its a privilege to support you as you become the woman you are meant to be.

Love, Rivka Malka

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