By Rivka Perlman

May 20, 2015

Please Help Neshama Go to School

Neshama our 9 year old daughter with severe Dyslexia is a child from a different dimension. In the last two years her pain has brought thousands of people to charity and healing.
I’ve written about her so many times that you may not even remember that there are 7 other munchkins who we’ve got to raise! This little lady just has a destiny that is meant to be shared.

In the past two years she’s gone from being at the bottom of the bottom to the top of the the top. I remember nights and days when we were literally losing her. And then it all came together. She has just had the best year of her life.

During her time at Jemicy her spirit returned. She learned how to read, was in an environment that SAW HER instead of her seeing her issues and learned that she is capable of so much.
But in a way she is just getting started. She’s feeling great but she is years behind. She can’t go to a regular school, her needs are too great. What we have really been hoping for is just one more year at Jemicy We know she can’t stay there forever but if she could just have one more year of learning, of confidence, of skills building before being thrown back into regular classroom life, it would impact her forever.
We didn’t think it was possible. But now, it is. A close friend has offered to double and a half all donations that come in! That means that if we reach our $10,000 fundraising goal she is going to school!
You have already done so much for us. It seems crazy to ask for more. We are eternally grateful. We actually can’t put into words what this would mean in Neshama’s life. Thank you

Podcast Interview with Neshama

Here’s the link to the Fundraising page. Thank you!

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