Rivka Malka

Who wants to learn Hebrew? This is going to be so much fun! Starting from next week Sunday nights at 9m I’ll be Live Streaming a Learn How to Read Hebrew Class. It’s going to be so awesome! ( In case you couldn’t tell – I’m EXCITED!)

Reading Hebrew is a deep expedition into a world of wisdom, its the language the Almighty chose to communicate with  us in. There is SO much in there. Here’s a nice part about it. Hebrew makes sense, mastery is easy – no “ballet” that should be spelled “balay” or “through” that should be spelled “throo.” You’re going to love stepping back into student mode. The best part is, its FUN. We’re going to explore each letter from a zillion perspectives – what it represents – what it teaches us and really explore it.

The class is ongoing and will be recorded  ( getting my equipment together for a recording quality good enough for YouTube) but if you join us live you’ll get to ask questions, interact and be with other people who are interested as well.

This class is FREE and it fun so let your friends know! Hebrew, here we come!!

To get weekly updates and confirmations check in with LiveJudaism.com

When – Sunday nights at 9 pm. First class is June 21

Where – LiveJudaism.com

Who – Life Learners, Intrepid Spiritual Explorers

RSVP – Click HERE to JOIN!!

Cost – FREE

Let me know below if you think you’ll be joining and why you want to learn Hebrew.