A Life-Altering, Breakthrough Experience for the Jewish Woman.
Hold Your Heart. Heal Your Soul. Rewrite Your Story.

What is the Redemption Retreat?

The Redemption Retreat is designed to reveal and connect you to your greatest light. It’s an adventure of self-discovery, release, and transformation.

The creative, small group experience supports your inner work as we facilitate the opening of your root blockage and guide you toward your most peaceful, effective, connected self.

“Its a rejuvenating, exhilarating, emotionally liberating, creatively stimulating, soul singing, gut-wrenching, holy experience.”

Our Goals
1. To help you supercharge your spiritual batteries.

2. To uncover the themes and stories that make up your life and who you are.

3. To guide you on a Healing Journey to self-love, courage, clarity and vitality.

4. To heal current and/or old trauma.

5. To connect you to a community of REAL relationships that last far beyond the Retreat.

Ideas tug at us, family needs us, fear beckons us, but deepest of all is the question:
Who am I?
If you knew this answer you would be good to go. You could let go of conflict and move forward with clarity and energy.
The good news is that these answers are closer than you think. They are within you, impatiently waiting for you to listen.
When you clear away the inner obstacles you can be your wisest, strongest, sweetest self and dare to see more about your life – To own your magnificence.
How You’ll Get There

Prepare to laugh and cry! Leave your inhibitions at home and get ready to dive deep into new friendships and conversations.
Through growth-oriented workshops, somatic intervention, role play, coaching, bold creativity and the song of nature you will uncover and delight in revelation and clarity.

The Destination
A room full of women brimming with clarity and purpose energized to take their next steps.
A clear holy space within, where pain once lived.
Freedom to live in trust and connection with Hashem, with yourself and with others.

Upcoming Retreat:
Dec 23-25 Monsey, NY

See what it’s like

Upcoming Retreat:
Dec 23-25 Monsey, NY

What women are saying
Beyond inspiring, every woman regardless of background can gain so much. Worth every penny and so much more!

My first Redemption Retreat helped me get back the ‘umpf’ that taking care of a husband with brain cancer, two moves around the world and the loss of most of my worldly possessions took away ….. After three short days, I came back to my life with renewed vigor and the clarity that not only is this too from Hashem but that all that He has sent is a BRACHA! My friendships with the ladies from the Retreat has sustained my refreshed outlook! This retreat is definitely worth the time, money and effort it takes to get there!

I was anxious about signing up and decided to challenge myself to venture out of my comfort zone.
A room of strangers, well that was only the first 5 minutes or so.
It was the best thing I have done for myself in a long time.
No laundry, no dishes, days away from the usual routine. ! The programming, I had no idea what to expect, but it took me to my depths and out again.
I met amazing women, each one of them, amazing stories of courage, creativity, energy, all together, to live their best lives possible.
The strangers are now friends…..I recommend it.
I am ready for Reunion Retreat …………………….thank you to Rivka Malka and her amazing coaches…….it was amazing. Thank you.

A life changing experience. The redemption retreats that I have attended have taken me further on my journey towards healing and growth than I ever expected. I met amazing women and was challenged to see my life story with new eyes. I recommend this for all women!

Rivka Malka, This was the best retreat. Not only was it a relaxing and safe environment but it was a place to explore all sides of myself and to have fun making new friends. I can’t thank you enough!!!!
Chaya Bina Samuels

I totally didn’t know what to expect, and even one day in and I wasn’t sure I had made the right decision. But after the retreat ended, all I could think was “I need more!” I came home with a new, elevated respect and love for myself, my talents, and my time, not to mention so many amazing tools to succeed and achieve my goals. Rivka Malka’s energy is contagious, and she brought out the best in us all — even bumping me out of my introverted comfort zone. Thank you. Seriously. Thank you so much for this transformative experience.

I want to be a Coach on the Redemption Retreat!
The Redemption Retreat Team consists of talented, insightful coaches who support other women in their journey to healing and empowerment. If this sounds like a dream to you, click here to join us.
I want to be a Coach on the Redemption Retreat Coach!
The Redemption Retreat Team consists of talented, insightful coaches who support other women in their journey to healing and empowerment. If this sounds like a dream to you, click here to join us.

Upcoming Retreat:
Dec 23-25 Monsey, NY

Still have questions?

What sources & modalities is the healing based on?

All of our work is deeply rooted in Torah and Emunah. We have wonderful sources for our material from the Ramchal and Rabbeinu Yona to a wealth of Chassidic texts – from Tanya, Rebbi Nachman and more.

We combine this with Somatic Experience, Silent Listening – Intuitive Response, Gestalt Therapy, Movement, Art, Role Play, Transformation Coaching, Journey Work, Breathwork, Radical Forgiveness, Fun! and Emunah.

Where do Retreats take place?

Our Retreats are run either out of Retreat centers or in private homes. Regardless of the location, we provide you with everything you need from wonderful accommodations to abundant delicious healthy food. We do not suggest you wait until a Retreat comes to your area as they only run a few times a year and you don’t want to miss your chance. 


Tell me about hosting and transportation please

All meals and retreat accommodations are included in the price. There are no hidden costs. 

Transportation is your responsibility and we will provide you with whatever location information you need. Often we create a Travel Doc shortly before the Retreat and women can choose to carpool or Uber together. 

Is this a religious thing? What if I’m not religious?
This is for all kinds of Jews – we connect at the soul level. The wider the spectrum the better because we want to create a space of authenticity and that means we see each other for who we are.
It’s so exciting to give people the chance to look past labels and appreciate one another.
Our message is rooted in Jewish spirituality and is open to seekers regardless of their level of Jewish observance. Many women come worried that they will be uncomfortable and are pleasantly surprised to find themselves right at home.
How do I become a coach on the Retreat?

Our core team of coaches are Rivka Malka Perlman, Tzipora Harris, Rachel Welfeld, Susan Stern and RT Schwebel.

Besides for our core team, The Redemption Retreat has a growing staff of talented coaches who attend and offer massive support, making the Retreat the incredible individualized experience that it is.
Coaching on the Retreat is one of the most fulfilling, growthful experiences there is. This is an opportunity to serve at the deepest level and effect profound change. (Plus – being on the staff is FUN!)
To become a coach join The Redemption School for Coaching and Transformation. You’ll get the training to lead not only this retreat, but also to lead woman everywhere to transformation.

How can I find out about the next Retreat?

You can find out about the next Retreat and upcoming Redemption events by looking at the Event page on the website. If you want to stay up to date and hear about it before the Retreat fills up, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter so that you get the information first.

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If I went on one Retreat, should I go on another?
No two retreats are the same. Though they have similar ingredients, the experience is entirely fresh and organic every time. Once you have been to one ,your receptivity to healing is heightened and the work is that much deeper.
Note – Previous participants are invited to attend at a reduced price.
What age is The Redemption Retreat for?

The Retreat is for ages 22 – 120. The inner work and deep connections we make transcend factors like age. We find that having women in different life stages makes for a rich and varied experience.

Is the price all inclusive?

Yes. The price includes all materials, snacks, lunch and supplies.$850 or two payments of $425. 

What does it take to host a Retreat in my city?

If you are interested in hosting a Retreat we will be happy to send you a document outlining the instructions. We have made it as straightforward as possible: We need a beautiful private space, a date and 8 – 10 people.
The Redemption Team will support you with marketing material and additional recruitment. Retreat hosts attend at no cost. Please note, we are limited on how many Retreats we can run a year. Send a message here if this is something you want.

Do you accept payment plans?

Yes, our Retreat fee may be divided into 2 payments. Please contact Rivka Malka if you need additional arrangments.

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to planning that goes into the Retreat we are not able to offer refunds for cancellations. With the exception of true emergencies, once you are registered for the Healing Retreat you are responsible for your space. Please keep this in mind to avoid any confusion.

Should you decide to cancel, the only thing that we can offer you is a space on a future Healing Retreat or another Redemption Event.

What happens after the Retreat?

You will go home with a concrete action plan to help you implement your learning into your life. You may also choose to get private coaching as part of your support plan. You will also go home with new friends! These connections are vital and valuable for your continued growth. Our Whatsapp groups are sisterhoods that have stood the test of time. The women get together online and in person and support each other through the next stage of their journey. Many choose to come back!

What if I want a private Retreat for my organization?

YES! The Redemption Team works with leaders and organizations to develop the perfect experience for their group. Our workshops can be custom tailored to facilitate leadership development, team bonding, mission setting, and communication.
Contact Rivka Malka and let her know what experience you are looking for.

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