By Rivka Perlman

June 19, 2015

The Secret of My Success Part 1

When it hurts, you got to say it hurts and when it’s amazing you got to say it’s amazing!

In this podcast I share the secret of why NOW is amazing. It has to do with this very special prayer call Nishmas ( or Nishmat). It is changing my life. I’m sharing it here, so it can change yours too.

Ever since I’ve begun saying Nishmas, the tide has turned and new things are possible.

In the podcast, I’ll tell you all about it,

This video is Shloime Daskal singing with a group of Yeshiva boys on Purim.

* Yeshiva = a school of Torah study

* Purim = an intensely joyful one day holiday. Alcohol is part of the celebration (the guys here are a tiny bit tipsy)Ā which helpsĀ the emotion of the prayer be felt. ( Which is the point of using alcohol on this day – to unlock the deep inner spark.)

Translation of the lines in the song ( the first few lines of the prayer) are:

“The soul of every living being shall bless Your Name, Hashem our God, the spirit of all flesh shall always glorify and exalt Your remembrance, our King. From this world to the World to Come, You are God, and other than You.”

PS Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series – it’s deep.

PPS Here’s the link to the book I mentioned – The Garden of GratitudeĀ 

“If life seems to be like a brick wall or a dead end, then learning to give thanks is the key to a new tomorrow. As you’ll see in this amazing book, gratitude defies nature and invokes miracles of every type. People surrounded by the darkness of supposedly-terminal diseases or apparently insurmountable debts saw the light of day after taking the advice of this book.”

“Imagine that your life is a digital washing machine with 26 cycles, but you only know how to use 3 of them. The Garden of Gratitude will teach you how to learn the other 23 and get the most out of your life. Reading this unforgettable book will make a dramatic change in your life for the better and will do wonders for your interpersonal relationships. This book is something you owe yourself.”


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