I hope this video opens up some doors and lets women  know how accessible tichels are! It’s still fun to buy them online from tichel stores because those tichels are tried and tested for size and texture. It’s also fun because then you get to support other women in business , which is way more of a kick than supporting a department store!

You know,  just when  I’m feeling like. Ok, I’m getting confused here, these pretty tichels are getting way too much attention, I get a sign from G-d to go ahead with it.

I’m not kidding. I keep seeing how this is what He wants from me.

Like I was sitting outside an illustrious Yeshiva (similar to Rabbinical school) and this Rebbitzen (Rabbi’s wife and leader in her own right) comes over to me special, and tells me  how my tichel  looks so royal and she wishes she would be wearing her head covering like that.

And that didn’t happen once. It’s happened a gazillion times. Somehow, Jewish women who cover their heads with wigs feel like you have to be a certain way to “get away ” with a tichel. As in, less conservative, more liberal or earthy I guess. Or maybe just from a different generation.

I don’t get it. Heaven help me, heaven help all of us if we start making decisions based on what people expect of us.

It’s not that I feel critical of people – its that I want to liberate people! Especially women! G-d spelled out in the Torah what He wants from us, He never said “though shalt do what everyone else does.”

We have to chill about about that. Really.

We can make ourselves miserable. Not to mention our kids

Way too many people find themselves stuck in choices they never even knew they made.

To me, in my Jewish circles, the tichel is a little symbol of that liberation. It says, “I’m covering my hair in the way that I feel proud, and I’m using that as a scale, instead of what other people say.”

So I guess, this shopping trip is my present to you. Anything you wear on your head is great by me. But if you find yourself daydreaming about how you’d look in purple I hearby set you free!

You can go out and buy  a tichel  and  maybe wear it just at home to see how it feels. Give it a shot!  This may be cliche but tichel wearers have more fun!