Tying The Perfect Tichel Part 1

      Hey, I always thought my name was Rivka Malka. But a while back I caught on that to a whole bunch of people, I’m simply “The Tichel […]

The Best Tichel Ever!

Its pretty ironic that Jessie and I met at a wedding. You see, awhile ago when I first started wearing tichels, I had my little guidelines. I used to say […]

Introducing Lenny and Glenna!

  And aren’t they adorable? It’s actually a little unusual for an Jewish observant website to host a video with a husband and wife close like that. Modesty and privacy […]

Video: The Jessi Part 2

  The message of “A Woman is a Home.” is really a message about modesty.  Modesty – tzniut or tznius in Hebrew. I’m totally under qualified to speak about such […]