Please Help Neshama Go to School

Neshama our 9 year old daughter with severe Dyslexia is a child from a different dimension. In the last two years her pain has brought thousands of people to charity and healing.
I’ve written about her so many times that you may not even remember that there are 7 other munchkins who we’ve got to raise! This little lady just has a destiny that is meant to be shared.

Neshama’s Prayer To Go to School

      It’s only the middle of the year but it’s time to update you on our dear daughter Neshama. Neshma is 9 and old readers know from last year’s drama both with her burn (a pot of boiling french fry oil spilled on her chest.) with her struggles in school. Thank G-d she […]

Thank You!!!

    As you can imagine these past few days have been a dream. We are in a whirlwind of emotions and we keep replaying the entire scenario in our minds and in conversations again and again. Not only are we grateful but being in this position and hearing from so many other parents in […]

I Need To Ask for Help

When Neshama, our eight year old was in first grade she couldn’t read.Teachers met with her privately and she got as much extra help as we could offer her. She still couldn’t read. The year came and went and soon it was time for second grade. But Neshama couldn’t go. It was so difficult telling […]

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