(Don’t?) Talk to Strangers

  I was already checking out my groceries when I saw them. The conveyer belt was full but I asked the man behind the counter “please ring me up,” I […]

Why I Wear aTichel Instead of a Wig

I love the question behind the question. And this is one I get a lot. Why do I wear a tichel? This video will answer that for you. But now […]

Video – The Girl Effect

     It all begins with a girl.  A girl helps her mother fold napkins. Her mother observes – “you have a knack for this!” The girl folds more napkins […]

The Heartbeat of a Mezuza

    My friend Rachel Zamoiski fell in love with a Mezuza case 2 years ago in Israel. She bought it then, and its been sitting in her house since. […]

I Wish I was a Jessica!

  I remember it like yesterday. I was 13, in a summer camp in Canada. The sun was warm and bright and I sat outside, lounging in my cutest outfit. […]

The Salad I Broke My Diet On

  Salad?! Uh hu. I’m on a strict no sugar diet, but this salad had me taking thirds. Oy vey! It’s kind of surprising that it’s so special because the […]


  Here’s a dose of something we all need from time to time. Validation. Has this ever happened to you? Someone takes a photo of you and when you look […]

Those Little Angels

  6 Am in the morning , I walked into my daughter’s room and she was gone. Gone. Really gone.  Gone from her bed, gone from her room, gone from […]

“Baby, I love you!”

  I say what I’m about to say not because I think I’m some kind of expert. And not even because I’ve watched my parents beautiful  marriage – and they […]