How to NOT Treat a Man

“When is comes to marriage, women are the catalyzing force for the nature of their relationship with their husbands.”

Forgiving The Unforgivable

It was just a few years ago when life brought me crumbling to my knees. The pain and hurt I felt were impossible to let go of and forgive. The things I experienced and the people who hurt me didn’tĀ deserve to be forgiven. I’ll never go back to who I was before. I could not […]

Does Judaism Accept Converts?

This video is the beginning of a conversation that I’ve been having with people around the world. There’s a stirring for spirituality – and many people are asking about Judaism or are drawn to some Jewish practices. Here’s just a bit of educationĀ  about the topic. Part 2 will be posted soon (already recorded) so […]

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