Neshama Learns about Hope

    Our eight year old Neshama is an angel. She’s playful, spiritual, insightful and a tomboy. She’s also dyslexic. This year has been beyond hard for her. Being left […]

We’re in Good Hands!

    I wrote this sometime last year. It’s amazing and astonishing to see how different our life looks now. We truly are on the next chapter. Nothing is too […]

Video:Love – Up Close

What stood out for me most,in this magnificent video was the images of Mae Toi playing with her children, being with her children. It literally didn’t matter what she was […]

The Heartbeat of a Mezuza

    My friend Rachel Zamoiski fell in love with a Mezuza case 2 years ago in Israel. She bought it then, and its been sitting in her house since. […]


  Here’s a dose of something we all need from time to time. Validation. Has this ever happened to you? Someone takes a photo of you and when you look […]

1,000’s of People Didn’t Wake up Today!

I learned a while ago about hisbodidus, spending time in personal prayer with G-d. And for the longest time I would take a daily meditative walk. I walked every day. […]

Only One You

      A few months ago, I was sitting on the couch with my older sister, Chana Ita, and she says “Rif, you’re here” and she gestures with her […]