The Heartbeat of a Mezuza

    My friend Rachel Zamoiski fell in love with a Mezuza case 2 years ago in Israel. She bought it then, and its been sitting in her house since. […]

“Baby, I love you!”

  I say what I’m about to say not because I think I’m some kind of expert. And not even because I’ve watched my parents beautiful  marriage – and they […]

There’s a Bull in the China Shop!

    Live from the airport: Last night I got a call from my sister that a close relative had a serious scare and needed to be hospitalized. She said […]

1,000’s of People Didn’t Wake up Today!

I learned a while ago about hisbodidus, spending time in personal prayer with G-d. And for the longest time I would take a daily meditative walk. I walked every day. […]

Only One You

      A few months ago, I was sitting on the couch with my older sister, Chana Ita, and she says “Rif, you’re here” and she gestures with her […]