Women today are talented, dynamic and have a ton to offer but live with tremendous pressure to do more!

We are “supposed” to balance work and home life, nurture relationships, and look great while keeping it all together.


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But how do we nurture self care and still be available to care for others?

How do we maintain our zing and not grow old from the stress?

Take a closer look to see exactly what you’ll be learning.

  • What’s Wrong with Giving?
  • How to be more and do less.
  • How to ask for help.
  • Finding love everywhere.
  • Receiving People vs Fixing them.
  • Self Care and Balance.
  • How lack of Self Acceptance drains your energy.
  • How to nurture your spirituality within the daily demands of life.
  • How to love your body.
  • How to nurture yourself when a man isn’t nurturing you.
  • How to keep your maintain your youth.
  • Why clear boundaries are the foundation for relationship.
  • The trap of People Pleasing in all its forms.
  • 10 tools to overcome people pleasing.
  • The “urgency” of Size 6 pants.
  • Exploring the addiction to being needed and it’s source.
  • How to make decisions from your values map.

Bonus Audio Class

  • Why living in Fulfillment is such a radical act.
  • The Wheel of Life.
  • Journey to your future self.
  • What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?
  • A new definition of a strong woman.
  • Joy in the face of pain.


Can you tell me more about the LIVE video discussion?

Sure! These discussions are where the topics really come alive. You’ll meet other women, hear their stories, share your experience and your growth. We host these meetings on average every other month. You’ll get an invitation by email when one is coming up. And my favorite part – I’ll get to meet you!

How does the one on one coaching work?

Coaching is the most transformative work I have ever been privileged to do. It has transformed my life and hopefully the lives of my clients. This discount is to support the learning and exploration that you will be doing in the class. I highly recommend that you book this session during the time when you are active in the class and your thoughts are fresh. I promise you will not regret it.

Is this only for married women?

NO! The Art of Womanhood is not about how we show up for men. Its about how we show up for ourselves. There are occasional stories where marriage scenario is used as a demonstration of these teachings. There are also dozens of other stories where its not.